Monday, March 1, 2010

Carole's Giveaways

Now great news for the day.  Hop over to Madness and Mess and check out Carole's giveaway.  I know Carole from Palmy and she does the most amazing gorgeous handwork

Carole is giving away one of her creative postcards every week in March and if you sign up as a follower and she gets 100 followers in March... someone (hopefully me) will win this beautiful journal.  

Now believe me, I've seen Carole's work up close and if I won something she made it would be a real treasure. 

Thank you to everyone for their emails and comments about my quilt.  I kinda like this - it floats maybe.. but is this good or not so good.

Or maybe the green
or maybe not?? 
 It's good to live on your own because I can spread it all out over the floor and noone will complain haha.

1 comment:

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What beautiful handwork made by your friend.
Must be nice to be able to spread out on the floor and not have anyone worry about it.

Have a great week