Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oh my God things are sinking in. I am still waiting for the OFFICIAL phone call but I AM MOVING .. FAR OUT!!!

I think I am excited and nervous.. It's huge at 52 to be moving on my own where I know noone ..eekkk but hey 3 quilt clubs to go too.. I'm sure I'll meet new friends.

I've decided to go and buy some big plastic bins (with lids) to pack my fabrics etc in. Don't want any rough and ready moving man to leave them in the rain! I'll have to collect good boxes for my breakables and I"ll pack them myself .. maybe take a car full to my sisters .. geez am I a worry wart? JUst some things I'd hate someone else to break them... I'd HATE THEM. So if I break them it's okay.. it's an accident!

Off to work.. I can put up with lazy big mouth on the front desk now.. I ain't gonna be there for much longer YES YES YES YES YES

Monday, June 29, 2009

An oldie but I love it!

Oh, I Wish I'd Looked After Me Tits
By Pam Ayres

Oh, I wish I'd looked after me dear old knockers,
Not flashed them to boys behind the school lockers,
Or let them get fondled by randy old dockers,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me tits.

'Cos now I'm much older and gravity's winning.
It's Nature's revenge for all that sinning,
And those dirty memories are rapidly dimming,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me tits

'Cos tits can be such troublesome things
When they no longer bounce, but dangle and swing.
And although they go well with my Bingo wings,
I wish I'd looked after me tits.

When they're both long enough to tie up in a bow,
When it's not the sweet chariot that swings low,
When they're less of a friend and more of a foe,
Then I wish I'd looked after me tits.

When I was young I got whistles and hoots,
From the men on the site to the men in the suits,
Now me nipples get stuck in the zips on me boots,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me tits

When I was younger I rode bikes and scooters,
Cruising around with my favourite suitors.
Now the wheels get entangled with my dangling hooters,
I wish I'd looked after me tits.

When they follow behind and get trapped in the door,
When they're less in the air and more near the floor,
When people see less of them rather than more,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me tits

I just love this poem and received it again on email today.

NO formal confirmation of my job yet but I've had enough 'comments' today to let me know I have been successful!!! The appointments have to be signed off by GM first so maybe tomorrow! I better start accumulating boxes ... oh my god I'm moving!!!!****AGAIN

What will today bring?

Last week I applied for my job and maybe today I'll find out if I've been successful! I am as nervous today as on my second wedding day (but I was feeling that it was a mistake)...

I so love the job I'm doing now and it is far less stressful. Means moving away from my friends but I've got used to that idea and I'll make more through quilting I"m sure.

If I'm not successful well.... that's why I'm nervous!!! Geez they have four positions going ... surely I will be one of them????

Fingers crossed for me PLEASE!! X

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sewing Day

Sewing Day was so much fun again. Every month about 13 - 16 ladies turn up to a hall with our sewing machines and projects to finish and we sew , talk, sew, laugh, sew, eat, and sew some more from 9am till 4pm. It's amazing how much we can get done when the phone doesn't ring, the visitors don't arrive, and we don't get sidetracked with housework etc.

I put together all the flannel blocks and have laid these out on my floor ready to organise and sew the rows together. I also made two blocks for a quilt that our Club is making for our President. She is not well and is having surgery this week for ovarian cancer. But she has a brilliant attitude and all our thoughts are with her!
So we're making a quilt in cream, taupe and natural colours. I've made one using selveges in those colours and have also nearly finished a folded fabric flower. To be finished tonight and handed in tomorrow!
I've been tidying and sorting all my 'treasures' and 'piles' of stuff today. Hell, if I have to shift I have a lot of chucking to do... hmmm well maybe! I guess I will know definitely by the end of this week or beginning of next where my life is happening. Hope so, I know what causes diverticulitis now... too much stress!! haha It's just gotta be another chapter in the life of ME!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabric fabric fabric

I forgot this blog loads the photos last one first so these are all upside down.. however These are the squares I've cut out of flannel and polar fleece for the back.. to make a raggy rug. Hopefully tomorrow at sewing day I will get a lot of it done. I arranged for Wright Fabrics to come to town last weekend and bought myself a birthday present or two.. I love batiks. Some of it is for lucky draws for our Saturday sewing girls...

I really love the one on the left with the peace signs. I thought I'd put it in a quilt for my daughter sometime. Her scar is the shape of a peace or BMW sign and I just think the fabric and colours are gorgeous.

The colours aren't quite right

these are birthday presents I've received from my sisters... gorgeous paua and lime soap and 'patchwork' chocolates from Little Sis and a silk ribbon necklace from my other sis in Nelson.

I also got these black and whites from my boss in Lower Hutt. How cool is that? She doesn't know anything about it but went to the shop and found some especially. I do like black and whites and have been collecting them but can't remember telling her???

Mr Wright Fabrics sent me these samples yesterday to say thank you for organising everything at the weekend. Yeah okay they're only samples (I did get 'xtra' fabric at the weekend but imagine these all sewn together on a bag or a scrappy quilt. One day.

And today I went back for my routine mammogram. Peice of cake but then she called me back in for extra slides "just to be thorough". Hmm deja vu! I will know on Monday if there's anything funny and if no news it'll be good news. I think Ms Left Breast just wanted more attention!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthdays over again

My sister loved her birthday celebrations. What a weekend... I ate, I partied, I laughed. It was neat to spend time with my sisters and their families. The book was finished - I did chain stitch between each page and then threaded wool and ribbons between the loops..and the bag too! Wonders never cease. I finished them on time!
I got home on Tuesday, my birthday, after travelling from Wellington to Napier and back and I'm still knackered! Another early night tonight and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow. It'll be catch up on housework, sewing and shopping. Wright Fabrics from Morrinsville is in town so a little bit of late birthday shopping .. well, any excuse... I have enough batiks to make several quilts but they are so yummy......
and on Sunday I am helping make charity quilts with the Committee.
I visited a friend last night and told her I was going to apply for the job in Lower Hutt and she cried. Pleaded with me not to leave Palmy. Made me feel quite anxious today...it is such a huge decision but hell, I have to get the job first and there are so many staff without jobs due to restructuring this week I may be just too optimistic! Looked at rentals down there too and a lot more expensive than here.... so one day at a time ah.

Monday, June 1, 2009

50th birthdays

Well, here I am making my little sister a lovely bag for her birthday and on friday I receive a text from my niece "just wondering what you're up to for Mum's birthday as we know you will be up to something"....
I replied "I'm making a bag for her sewing things"....
"Oh, that's very nice of YOU"...she replied.

I was going to write a poem but I always do that at the last minute (not sure what to write about an "always really nice" girl but am now considering other tricks maybe find the funny birthday hat etc etc. If I don't I think they'll all be dissapointed. It's usually easy for me but lately my imagination is tired. So 5 days to think up some way of making her 50th one she will never forget!!

Any ideas please??

LATER- I am an expert at reverse stitching. The bag has been sewn and unpicked 3 times but is now complete apart from the fasteners. I'm now making a little pocket book for needles, tape measure etc etc using some of my selveges.

Chris my family know that I will do something to take the mickey on special events ie. Like Stew's farewell and the rooster... none of them are quite like me for devilment.. so it will happen.. I've got my littlest sister making placecards with baby photos of R.. some oh so not cute ones haha. The poem will be written last thing.. I usually wake up during the night before and the words are there. Dad will help me this time for sure. He would have written one too.

Yesterday I spent the day working at Toad Hall. Oh heaven.. to work amongst fabrics, and colour and such nice people. Susan Claire is a very clever lady and her gift packs of fabric are so much fun.. muffins, spring rolls, etc. Her latest mystery block is available today free for a month. I have to catch up .. most of my group are making it and are up to date.

But maybe I won't be here in a month or so... I did enjoy working in the Hutt office but it's a really big move to pack up and shift alone again!

Holiday first. And tonight my patchwork group are coming around so I better wiggle my butt and tidy up.

OH and I now have a tattooed boob!!! On Friday it was healing well and I'll get the dressing off for good tomorrow. Evidently it fades quite a bit over 3 months so the tattoo is a darker shade. There were about 25 shades to choose from, the first one she mixed up she didn't like. It's like going to the Resene Shop only you don't get sample pots to take home. An hour later I was busing back to the office but a bit worse for wear after the local anaesthetic. They really spin me out haha. (I wasn't allowed to do any work for the afternoon hehe).