Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Two weeks ago I bought a New Idea mag and entered a competition or two.  I was so surprised to win movie tickets to Remember Me in Wellington.  It was a beautiful movie.. a bit of everything in it but a good old chick flick.  Loved young Caroline - her character was gorgeous! The ending though.. woah, blew me away.. clever writer that's all I can say.  I didn't get a tear in my eye until then..

Of course it was sponsored by New Idea and ZM radio so there was a free magazine on each seat.  Guess what, I bought it yesterday to enter some more competitions!!!  I'm sure my neighbour will enjoy it.


Chris H said...

I have that movie on my list of "must see's'... glad you enjoyed it.

Kayjay said...

I've joined the local movie club Chris so I can hear about any good discounts and I think I'll have to make a habit of it on Tuesday's when tickets are $5.50 cheaper. Precious, Mao's last dancer, Alice in Wonderland are all on my wishlist!