Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holidays are here

Well, it's that time again and I've left it till the last minute.  Been slack with my posts lately but it'll be my New Year's Resolution (well, one of them!! hehe) to post more often.

As I'm heading away tomorrow for 24 days .. yay.. can't believe it I won't be posting for awhile as I won't have access to the internet.  I'm going to stay with my friend Myra for a few days of fun and sewing and talk talk talk as we do and then to support her while she has her first chemotherapy session.  I feel really priveleged to help her as she is a wonderful friend.  The good news is that since the radiation one tumour has shrunk a little, the others have stayed the same bar one that has grown 1 mm.  So all exciting news that it is not a rapid growing cancer and there is a really good chance chemotherapy will help.  the thoughts and prayers of everyone around New Zealand and the World who have sent her cards and hearts has also, I'm sure played a huge part in this amazing news.  I will take photos of the hearts she's received and post them when I can. 

In the meantime everyone please have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends, take time to smell the Christmas lillies and kiss under the mistletoe   (I wish!) and put your feet up.  Life isn't a race, it's a journey and everyone needs a rest sometime. 

Thank you all for your friendship via the blogs or email this year.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

With photos - I'm slack and now I've been growled at!!

It has been a Longggggg time since I posted on my blogS.  Been busy, tired and it's that horrible time of the year when I have a million and one things to do in three days!!  Eek. And I shouldn't be here now but my dear old friend Liz says she's missing me!!  I have been looking in and catching up with what's happening but not participating.

Last weekend I went to my daughter's up country and visited my Mum for 2 days.  Went to Santa's cave in Dannevirke. Now that is awesome and I reckon the best I've ever been too.  the work is done by the Dannevirke Art Society and volunteers.  Every year there is something new and exciting.  My Dad used to love being Father Christmas in the cave for many years and as he was a meter reader he would often intrigue the kids by asking if they could move the table away from the fireplace, or saying "didn't you get a blue bike last year".  He would go to the toy shops and see what was new and available for Xmas.  But Mum and Dad's knew who it was because Dad had huge hands and none of the white gloves fitted him.  His sleeves were also rather short.

They've grown a little now. 

Just in time for Christmas Olivia needs a new front tooth.

I had two days with my friends Carol and Emma then.  Emma and I sewed together during the day and I achieved heaps.  Lots of laughs and fun, good food and wine.  My friend Carol worked during the day so I stayed the evenings with Carol and her family.  I miss them both sooooo very much. They are simply my Bestest friends as my granddaughter would say. 

On Tuesday night I went to "Young At Heart", the chorus from USA.  WOW, WOW, WOW I love them all.  The voices, the humour and the enthusiasm of them all was awesome.  Some with walking sticks, some very frail, all between 74 and 88 years old but absolutely fun-loving entrepreneurs. In the movie Fred Zilverman sings "Fix You"...he was on oxygen but what a voice. What a zest for life.  Makes me feel very ashamed when some days I feel sorry for myself.  (bowing my head in shame.)  If you haven't seen the movie check out the trailer. Like the prisoner says It's the best show I've ever seen in my life!

It's taken me forever to finish my sister's bag but finally today I gave it to her.  We had Christmas for the family with my Mum at her home and I gave the bag to my sister which was for her birthday in July.. that's 2010!! 

"Fabulous bag.  Cool fabrics and lots of room for storing UFP!!
Thanks again.  I love it."
 Well, it's worth the wait isn't it???
It was my first attempt making this bag and I decided to make it in these upholstery fabrics ( waterfall bought from interior decorating shop for $15 - enough to make 10 more bags yet!) It should sit better open.  And I know she has enough projects to fill it and another!~

I've also been making the duvet cover and quilt for my work colleague's baby to come.  It turned out a much bigger job than I thought, but then if I'd been to PN before Saturday I could have done it a simpler way.  Isn't it always the case?  Here's the quilt top..

eek two days to quilt it...

My button collection has grown .. hmmm that could be a big reason why I haven't been blogging too!  It's another addiction but so exciting when I find an old treasure and find out the history of it.  I've started a button blog but it hasn't been updated for awhile too..  Slack hehe. 

And for now I need to get my Butt..on to the chair by my sewing machine. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When I'm an old lady!!

I saw this in a newsletter yesterday and had to share it.  I sent it to my kids but had no reply.. ???? they're probably thinking I wrote it!!
When I'm an old lady, I'll live with each kid,
And bring so much happiness... just as they did.
I want to pay back all they joy they provided
Returning each deed!.  Oh they'll be excited!
I'll write on the walls with red, white and blue,
and I'll bounce on the furniture... wearing my shoes..
I'll drink from the bottle and then leave it out.
I'll stuff all the toilets.. hehe how they will shout!
When they're on the phone and just out of reach,
I'll get into things like sugar and bleach.
Oh they'll snap their fingers and shake their head,
(When I'm an old lady and live with my kids).
When they cook dinner and call me to eat,
I'll not eat my green beans or salad or meat.
I'll gag on my weetbix, spill milk on the table
And when they get angry.. I'll run....if I'm able!
I'll sit close to the TV, through the channels I'll flick
I'll cross both my eyes to see if they stick.
I'll take off my socks and throw one away,
And play in the mud till the end of the day!
And later in bed, I'll lay back and sigh,
I'll thank God in prayer and then close my eyes
My kids will look down with a smile slowly creeping,
And say with a groan "She's so sweet when she's sleeping"!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Plans

I just HAVE  to go to this gorgeous little shop I've found called "Three Buckets Full" on High Street in Lower Hutt.  It was closing 10 minutes after I found it last weekend so I NEED to go back (matter of life or death you know) and have a better look!!   It is like a little museum but also has antique toys, ornaments, jewellery, and BUTTONS... HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF BUTTONS!!!    I'll ask if I can take photos and publish them tonight. 

Photos are taken on my camera because moi dumbo took the camera case but left the camera at home!! derr

See all those little drawers.. FULL of buttons.. CHOCKA even.  Bead's, braids, buckles, as well as hundreds of other gorgeous old things in the shop.  Wendy showed me some of the antique collectors buttons.. oh wow!  One was $110???  $60... $85.. geez but they were beautiful.  Now I am going to make velvet pads to tie my buttons on to.  I'll get several layers in my tin.  I'm going to take some of my old buttons in and she will date them for me.  The shop is open 11 - 4pm Tues to Friday and 10-2pm on Saturday.

It's raining again.. After a beautiful week of summer weather it's wet, damp and chilly.  Oh well, a great day to sew inside.  And that's my mission this weekend.I have to mumble mumble sew a heart block for Myra, mumble mumble FINISH the knitting bag, make some more Quilt as you Go blocks to finish a lap quilt for my granddaughter and make another house block.  I'm hoping no buttons arrive in the mail as that could distract me for awhile hehe.  Tomorrow is Sewing Day .. a friend and I have found a Community House where we can sew all day with others and I love getting out and DOING!  No distractions at home.

I Saw this at the supermarket and had to take a photo.   they don't sound very nice to me.. Gasflushed Sausages... hmmmm whatever next???

Another heart from Austria

I've received another email from Hanna in Austria and her heart is on her blog.  I've learn't a lot over the last few days.  a) There is a translate button on blogspot and b) how to put links to other blogs in.  Hmm, I've decided I'm a little techochallenged... or is it technophobic... too afraid to do too much on the computer in case I stuff it up haha.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Healing Hearts

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer the members of Kiwiquilters Yahoo Group sent me Healing Hearts blocks so in the mail most day I received a beautiful heart made by a stranger.  They kept coming and it really helped to take my mind off the 'what-if's" ahead...especially before the surgery.  these photos of of some of my healing heart blocks.
Kiwiquilters and friends are now making heart blocks for Myra and she has received about 30 blocks from around New Zealand. 
One of our fellow bloggers Karen Griska (the Selvege blog) is making a heart block for Myra and has asked on her blog for her readers to make them too.  Already I have had emails (for Myra's address) from Sally in England, Beth from somewhere?MIchele in Florida, Martina in Germany and Claudia in Austria so far.  Imagine Myra's surprise when she receives them.  I am really excited as I haven't told her. Have a look at their blogs and their hearts. 
 If you'd like to make a Healing Heart block for Myra here are the instructions:

The blocks should be 6 1/2 " square finished with either a cream on cream, or white on white background.
The hearts can be pink, blue or purple pastel shades or a floral in any of those colours. They can be embellished or embroidered - whatever you would like to do!

Also please to sign your name on it so that Myra knows who made it and put in a note about where you come from.  You can make as many healing hearts as you like. Each one will be so appreciated. 

Please send me an email and I will reply with Myra's address

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Buttons

Last week I went to visit 'Lady Buttons'.  She lives locally and has sold buttons for all her working life.  Her parents and grandparents had a haberdashery in England where she was born.  Mary told us she was sent to school before she was five as she loved to cut the buttons off the cards and hide them!!!  Hehe.

She has millions of buttons but these are just a few I bought to make cards for future babies and to make necklaces for my granddaughter.

I took along some of my precious (well to me they are) buttons.  Mary was able to give me an idea of where and when they would have been made.  This one is a buckle from 1930's.  I can imagine it on those pretty dresses back then.
These buttons were made in Czechoslovakia and the ones with black in them are glass buttons.
I really love the cream and white art deco buttons and am working on a display for them.  They all have such intricate patterns. 

I found these ones last night made at the Button Company in Waterbury?

Love the detail in these painted? buttons

Not sure yet what orthese ones are but they appear to be old so will research a bit more.
A Sun Dial  - cool ah!

This button appears to be very old by the back and the shank.  I found it in the op shop for 5c. 

Mary told us that after the war they made buttons using the windows (made of lucite) in the cock pit of war planes.  These are three of them known by the flower motif in the middle.   They were known as 'aeroplane buttons'.

For some weird reason I have fallen in love with green things.  My curtains are all green now.. I don't understand except that my Aunt loved green and autumn colours.. is she picking my buttons for me???

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  The storm last night has passed but the wind is horrendous and it's cold.  So I'm staying inside and hope to sew all day.  Tomorrow I'm an Angel at a Scrappy quilting class so although I expect to be busy ironing and reverse stitching I know I'll enjoy seeing the techniques and ideas.

Friday, October 22, 2010

For Myra

Why do I love buttons  

- for their amazing variety of colour
Because of their  unique character
especially the old ones...
what is this one made of???
 the textures..
white is white but every one is different

 the size and shapes and creativity
that has gone into making them
 the memories you cherish of buttons received from family and friends
 and bargains of Trade Me of course

but the best thing about buttons is you can share them with special friends like I have with Myra. 
We both have a gorgeous button like this now and despite being 8 hours apart everytime I look at my button I know that Myra treasure's her button
Just as I cherish our friendship.
And anyway it's all Myra's fault I have these addiction's like quilting and button collecting.. hehe
Myra taught me how to quilt and she has buttons for Africa... around her home with wooden cottonreels and fabrics and wow, it's such a cool place to visit... 
I sew can't wait to win the Lotto and build our apartments with adjoining studio  !! 

May the beauty of your button brighten your day Myra and bring you the 'magic' you deserve!  x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warm Toes

Last weekend my brother came and laid the secondhand carpet for me.  I can't believe the difference it made to the appearance of the rooms.. having a lighter colour on the floor seems to make them prettier.. even my grey bedroom doesn't look quite so bad.. still ugly but liveable.  And it's warmer.  Now to make the curtains and I'll be cosy as. 

Gavin taking a well earned break.  He stretched it with a 4 x 2 after all it is a rental and who can tell now with furniture in there.
Wellington Quilters Guild had their 20th anniversary exhibition and Gavin, Mum and I went to see it.  (My brother had heard about it and wanted to go!)  Here are some of my favourites but only some .. there were so many lovely quilts

Friday Morning Coffee by Phillippa Doyle  - Notice the dollies and tray cloths..

I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat by K-J Dillon

Herakles - Labours of a Quilter by Many Ann Georgious 
Indonesian Inspiration by Jane Dagger

Baltimore Album VI with stars by Fyvie Murray
This was my brothers favourite - hmm not sure if he'll ever get one like it! 
Convolution by Nanette Clough

Ditsy Daisies by Anne Read

Blue Kisses by Anne Prussing

Just blue-tiful - quilt shows are great for inspiration.

I've been a little naughty on trade me lately and have spent all my earnings off it on buttons to add to may 'little collection.  I have enough fabric to sink a ship so now I'm buying buttons????
I love these buttons.. there are 3 of them but I've sent one to my friend Myra who didn't get good results from the CT scan and surgery has been cancelled.  Myra loves buttons too so I suggested every day she puts a special button in a small jar, and then when thats full tip it into a bigger jar and fill that up too and so on.  And when she's cancerfree (cause she's gonna fight fight fight it) We can make something to display all the days she fought until she won!!

Just a few more I won on Trade Me.  The fabrics are for a house block which HAS to be done today.  It's a swap and I need to take it to a group on Monday night.

These green buttons were my Aunt's.  She loved greens and yellows and autumn colours.  These are so precious.I've been thinking of a way to display some of them. maybe a wallhanging but hmmm in squares or a tree pattern or what... it's a one day job!

My sisters are both back home from their overseas trips.  Deb and Rick went to Italy, France and Greek Islands and I can't wait to catch up with them tomorrow.  They bought me fabric from France!!!   Yay, so excited.  Raelene and Philip went to Israel for the 9th year but have decided to have a real holiday next year and no volunteer work.  They are going to be grandparents in February so I think that will keep them closer to home for awhile.

Today I have to finish a few jobs so I'm turning the computer off.
* Heart Blocks to make for Myra
* Finish Deb's knitting bag
* Sew up the house block
* Make Myra a bag with selvege hearts (so she can take a book or a rug to chemo with her)
* Find fabrics for a quilt as you go class tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone