Monday, March 8, 2010

Free tutorials

Jump in and have a look at Greta's blog.  She has a neat new tutorial on making a quilt using striped fabric.

Have a look at Greta's blog on

There are several sites with free patterns but blogs are a good place to find them too.  Thank you to everyone who shares.

Update on George - He is bored, sore (beauty black eye) and tired but Bored!!   Guess he'll LOVE school when he gets back to it.  Going to go and see him next weekend, it'll also be my granddaughters 6th birthday.. I'd better get a present organised.

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Chris H said...

I found the pattern I wanted so much... down in Christchurch... I bought the kit!
Noah's Ark.

The cupcake one is soooo simple! I will send it to you when I have finished it.