Tuesday, March 23, 2010

True friends are like diamonds

So true.  I have had a fabulous weekend.  I've spent 3 days catching up with my old friends and my family whom I haven't seen since Christmas.  And I feel wonderful.  It's so lovely to be close to them all again even for a precious moment or two.  And hugs.. I think that's one of the things I miss the most!!  I need to go back up there more often.

On Saturday I went to the quilt show at Waipukurau.  I had my 10 year old grandson with me and he was so GOOD.  He loves looking at quilts and appreciates the work in them.  I made one for his 6th birthday and he still brings it out to the couch every night and then back on his bed.  I really enjoyed the precious time we had together on Saturday. 

Here's a couple of photos of the quilts at the show....

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Glad that you had a lovely weekend with your family and friends.
The Quilt show would have been lovely to see and how neat that your Grandson went too.

Happy week