Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tizart her gorgeous work

There are so many amazing quilters in NZ now but some carry on doing what they like doing and always turn out amazing work.  I have watched Liz on many occassions when I leaved in PN and I miss her inspiration and advice.  but look at this.. her gecko quilt.  Have a close look at the detail of her quilting.  She is so clever.  Check out her other work and sign up to be follower.  Tizart is a lively colourful and creative site.Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair done again. I always look so nice when I've been so I'm taking my camera and hoping to get a photo before I leave, while it's all pretty..


Chris H said...

That is a lovely quilt, with awesome detail.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

What a beautiful gecko quilt that is, love all the colours.
I am also going to the hairdresser tomorrow, and it does always make you feel good.
I have just found out that the girl that usually does my hair has moved to a place in Takapuna, but I will just be staying in Ponsonby.

Happy St. Patrick's day, my friend.


Nanci said...

OMG...imagine sewing that fabric then upholstering it! Love the gecko quilt, I can't imagine the work of some gals...
You sound very chipper in your blogging. Good to hear...