Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm lost.  I've made all these squares now and cut out a few more nine patch strips but it just looks 'nothing'.  this is the third attempt at a quilt for my colleagues wife.  I wish I hadn't said anything now because I feel obligated to finish one.  I have no confidence putting quilts together SHOULD STICK TO A PATTERN grrr!  I thought I could make one out of my stash but two attempts diden't work.  This one has cost me heaps..


A fancy border maybe like this one

I have never found it easy to put things together but right now my all round confidence is at an alltime low so another flop is not a good thing!  HELP PLEASE

Decisions, choices, options...Those words delineate freedom and control over various aspects of life. They also strike fear into the heart, mostly because of the chance that your choice will be WRONG! But not making a choice is itself a choice with a full spectrum of consequences. You can't not choose, so choose wisely. Don't worry about making a mistake - that just gives you the opportunity to learn something you didn't know before.

When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.

- written by William James

So what do you do when you're stuck.. Start another one!!  Eek.  I decided I had to achieve something so I started on a kit that I bought last year.  It was rectangles but I've cut them into squares and maybe I'll do the dissapearing nine-patch.  I'm not sure about the sashes and the border fabric together though.  I'm also thinking I could make this a quilt as you go... so I will finish it. 

Back to the autumn quilt problem.  I'm thinking maybe I just need a thin border, in red as Chris H suggests, and then more of the autumn fabric ... but am open to any suggestions from my expert friends amongst the Quilting bloggers. 

End of day.  I have had my down times again but not as often today.  Maybe the Remeferin tablets are working (it's a natural menopause relief tablet that women who've had breast cancer CAN take.. yay).  Mind you, my PN doctor told me I couldn't take ANYTHING.   Well I don't have a Dr at the moment and I just want to feel on top of things so don't give a stuff really.. hehehe. 

I hope I feel even better tomorrow at work... a four lettered word..


Chris H said...

Yep, a bright border in perhaps the burgandy colour?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Your quilt is looking wonderful and I am sure however you finish it, will look great.

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend

Pokey said...

Don't be discouraged, you have a nice thing working, here. Use your dark brown and your burgundy in the missing boxes. You know it will be appreciated, and you will have an accomplishment to be proud of. Sorry your move is so hard on you.

Nanci said...

Ok, I'd separate the patches, maybe put black, navy or brown sashings, whichever makes it pop.
Then for the binding, I'd pick a contrasting colour.
For the back...pick a complimenting print...keep it simple.
Free motion quilting looks amazing on nine patch. I love the patches.
you could also do this. Make double rows of nine patch, then sash it horizontilly, then make a large sash of a colour as above, and repeat till finished.
What do you think?

Chris H said...
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