Saturday, April 11, 2015

Making progress

Hi, I am making progress with Margaret's quilt. It's looking really good. I've put in on point and have started quilting the squares. I've even found a perfect border fabric in my stash. Will put up more photos soon. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Its supposed to be easy

DewOk this is again a last minute job. My friends birthday is on 2 May and I want to make her a quilt. But I didn't want to buy any fabric so I thought I'd use this bunch of fat quarters. I've seen a quilt as you go where the sashings go through the middle of the block like this

So these are my fabrics but what do you think of the layout. I would really value your input. I'm going to sash them with calico so that will, be the backing fabric too. I will. Use variegated threads in the bottom on the calico and then friends off Margvarets can write a message on it too.