Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well let's see if this works

VMy friend Shirley told me about Blogger and it means you can use it to download photos onto My Fat Quarter! So here goes. second oldest grandchild had his 15 birthday. Cameron is the only child of my daughter Annette and hubby Brendan. Cam is an awesome kid, well, they all are but he's such fun. They're often like flat mates with limits of course. This photo was taken at Llaser Strike so the lighting isn't good but you can see how gorgeous he is.

 My granddaughter Olivia turned 11 last weekend. She Had 2 girls over for a sleepover!  Here she is just before school started in February within little brother Alex who will be 10 in June. My baby grandchild. There won't be any more. I shouldn't forget George. Hhe is grown up and do doing an apprenticeship with a plumber and is LOVING it!! I would never have guessed. Here he is with Cam at Chnristmas 2014. He had just had surgery on his hand after falling off his mountain bike at a skate park. The X-rays didn't pick it up at the time of the accident and it was 6 months before the Drs sent him for another X-ray. 

Well there's 3 photos so let's see if they transfer to MFQ! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

trying to add photos

Well I wish I was a technological expert. I've been trying to download photos and update on my ipad but it didn't work. i think its because its an Apple. it doesnt have an opyion to choose photos.

so here I am trying on my mobile phone.  my computer is so slow!

well it worked though I don't have as many photos on my phone. it'll do for now. lol

so this is a photo of progress a week ago on my flying goose log cabin quilt. it's very bright and out there???

this is the quilt I made for Tim and Julia on their wedding day. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Starting again.

well, after a comment like that Martina haha. I love you my friend haha.

It's been two years or so since I blogged last so plenty has happened since then. I may just start from now haha small steps. Myra would be pleased with me at the moment,, I'm sewing often and if not sewing I'm knitting. At the moment I'm knitting hot water bottle covers for a friends birthday and my mum on mothers day. I'm making a quilt off Missouri Quilt Company  called flying geese long cabin, is really easy to make and colourful. My friend Tina is doing it too and it's amazing how different our blocks are and yet we have the same fabrics. I cut two jelly roll strips off all my batiks and divided them between us. Im enjoying being busy.

I will have to work out how to download photos on here again so bear with me. I'll come back later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


thinking about getting my blog up and running again. Just wondering if anyone is still interested. Let me know. Karen

Monday, November 4, 2013

Karen is slack!

I haven't written a post for ages. The last time I tried it wouldn't add the photos but I will try again.last time I'd been to retreat and finished a quilt top. I'm trying to find a fabric for the border but the Charisma by Chez Moi is about ten years old and not available in NZ so I have to find something similar.

At the moment I'm making an eye spy kinda quilt for my neighbours who will both have turned 70 by Boxing Day this year. I found Polaroid quilts on Pinterest , each block looks like a Polaroid photo. It's looking good but no photo yet so I will post one when I get it together. I also have to make an eyespy baby quilt before Christmas for their 2nd grandson who is due early December. I love making them and the adults and children love them. Educational too.

We are going through a restructure at work. It's been very stressful as my team have been disestablished. But last Wednesday we found out they have allowed enough new jobs for us so I'm confident I will be okay.  We don't know till February so I can enjoy Christmas.

Speaking of work, I need to go there so I'd better say goodbye and get ready. Have a wonderful day everyone. Karen

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pretty...... Not!

It's been a week since my fall and although the pain is not as intense as it was then, I still have it! My ribs on that side and that side of my hand ache all the time and look out if I Sit down the wrong way. I'm putting oil on my face to prevent scarring but...
8 days later
I've had heaps of attention at work. I told a couple of the guys "nobody pinches my fabric, you want to see the other girl!" Hehe. 

I had to go to the Dr on Friday as I had an earache. Turns out my sinus is probably be infected from the injury to my face and your ears are in the same passage so this is normal? Abs again! Will I ever get back to losing weight again. No exercise at the moment!  

Chris at DietCokeRocks wants to display some of her precious buttons. These are two ideas I've found on the net, Chris. I am Gunna do one. I say Gunna because if I eventually do everything I'm gunna do, I will be here till I'm 150 !  

I love them both but this one is stunning. 4 canvases and paint them 
or even cover them with hand dyed fabric?? 

Well. Short and sweet but I have to go to work! So I will add some more later. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to get attention the wrong way!

Last weekend I went to a retreat with about 21 quilters. It's 2 days sewing and awesome fun. 

I finished putting this top together. I love it. I need to find a border fabric for it but because its 9 years old I can't find much in the same fabric. I will look for something else. A friend there told me how to do the refuge pick up, makes it so much quicker.  I'm so pleased with it.

The venue where we have our retreat is an old hospital. Wooden buildings everywhere that have or are being renovated. Huge rooms so everyone is sewing in the same room. Lots of laughs and lots of gentle suggestions and support. I love it because I get to meet so many people. 

So top finished and I packed up to go home at 11.30pm.  The one thing the owners of this retreat haven't got around too yet is lighting in the car park areas. Guess what happened?   I very carefully carried my sewing table down the steps and walked between my car and the concrete curb of the flower bed. I could see the curb as it was light coloured concrete however the car pack was black! I don't know how it happened (I may have caught my table against my car) but nex minit I'm on the ground face first! 

 I ended up in hospital for 5 hours waiting to see Dr, have X-rays on my very painful left hand, and my ribs. I was sure something was broken. I can handle a lot of pain but it was too much. Every time I breathed, sneezed or laughed my face hurts and my ribs grip me with terrible pain. My little finger is really sore and I have bruises in strange places but they will pass.

Luckily nothing is broken, that would really be bad news. I  just hope the owners install lightening before someone else is hurt bad. There are huge potholes everywhere.