Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ok Ok Okay

Haha I've been "gunna" get back on my blog for weeks but HERE I AM at last!  I bought an Ipad thinking I could update my blog from the comfort of my armchair but it won't put photos up so waste of money ah.  Yeah Nah.  I love my ipad.  It takes gorgeous photos , mainly of quilts!!

I don't know where to start about what I've been doing lately.  It's been 6 months since I posted and I have been busy.. spinning I think.  But I am well and happy and feeling good with life again.  The first six months after Myra died I was a wreck but since her Mum died at Christmas I felt a weight of my shoulders literally.. she is with her Dad and her Mum now and that is awesome.  They will be taking care of each other.  It is a year today since she passed away.  Time has gone fast but she is never far.

Okay, whats exciting?.  I have nearly finished the 5 year Granddaughters quilt.  I hope to have it to the quilter this week but still have to put the borders on tonight.

No not the bloke.  Meet none of them at quilting clubs here haha.  But the fish weighs as much as I've lost in weight over the last 3 months.  I'm seriously trying to lose heaps so I can stay healthy.  But already I dont have a sore back, a sore foot (very often) and my blood pressure has dropped heaps.  I have a lot more energy and its so awesome when people say "wow, you've lost weight".  hehe.  

I'll be back later.  I need to get on the road for my class today.  Hope you're all okay after the shock of this!!  Karen