Monday, March 15, 2010

what an exciting week

I've won a prize.  An ebook bout Candy for Quilters.  I can download it tomorrow.  It's all ideas for making little presents for calories... and Darlee will also design a candy wrapper specially for me to give to friends.  What special occasion shall I celebrate this year??

My birthday.. . NAH!! Too many now
My 1st year living in the big smoke.. not sure I want to celebrate that at the moment.. wait until the restructure at work is over!!!
Losing 5 kgs.. yeah right!!!
Three years Cancer free.. that'll do.  I can celebrate being s survivor and having met so many wonderful people in my life. 

And guess what, I'm going home on Friday.. staying with my good friend Friday night, dinner with friend from UK, a quilt show in Waipuk Sat, with my grandson aged 10, then we'll carry on to Napier and I have nearly 2 days with ALL my grandkids together at Olivia's 6th birthday party.  Catch up with my girls, their hubby's, Mum,  Uncle and friends, back home Monday to PN of course, see my friends and going to my old Quilt Club for the night.  See all my wonderful friends.. I am so excited!! I can't wait!  I'M GOING HOME.. . well, even if it's only a little while.. Roll on Friday..

Quilt back nearly done.  Needing to make my backing fabric a little longer, and a little wider so using some spare blocks from front to build it out.  It'll look good.  finish tomorrow night .. I've decided to send it to a local quilter who does an excellent job for a very reasonable price... less stress and means I can start the challenge quilt.

And now I need to go to bed and read.. Mao's Last Dancer.  They say you have to read the book before seeing the movie!!

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tizart said...

Congratulations on your win!!!
Looks like you to are going to start a challenge!! How many do you think you might do this year?