Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally.. on the homeward straight

Just ran out of fabric for the last border but I can get some tomorrow.  Procrastinator extra plus is me .. mind you my head space has been otherwise occupied.. and still is but hey I've achieved something this weekend and so I feel good again. 

I think this will make a neat picnic quilt or a table cover but it's all but ready to put together.  I've got some neat fabrics to put on the back with apples and apple trees in these colours (the recipient is a teacher).  And I've figured out how to make a book rest..for my neighbour.. and maybe I'll sell some.. maybe!! 

Well, that's me.  I'm starting the week feeling good and when this is finished I can start my challenge.. I have one month to make it but I have all the fabrics, the pattern and it's not hard so NO PROCRASTINATING this time.

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Chris H said...

You have done an excellent job with that quilt.. I love the border materail you chose too.