Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm back, recovered from the laryngitis bug... (so sad I hear some say haha).  I had a good trip to Hawkes Bay but a sad one too. 

My beloved uncle is not well and everyday I wonder what news I'll hear.  He is in hospital with a kidney stone which is trapped by a hernia from his bowel surgery 18 months ago.  When they did a scan they also found Ca in his tailbone which is why he's had a bad back as well.  He has been in terrible pain for the last few weeks while waiting to see a specialist but finally he rang the Ambulance.  Uncle is on morphine and other pain killers, antibiotics to try and dissolve the kidney stone>???  and he is very weak.  Unfortunately they can't operate because he has a heart condition.   He doesn't want me to go up there, even sent his son home.  Uncle is so independant and he says "you don't get paid to hang around a hospital' and "there's nothing you can do for me"... which is so true but I so wish I could take his pain away.  He has always been my 'other' Dad and my aunty was my 'Mum' so to see him suffering is heartbreaking. 

Celebrations though today as it's 17 years since my big girl had her liver transplant.  You wouldn't know it.. she looks perfectly well and healthy and doesn't stop doing... I can't ring her tonight to congratulate her because she's MC at a school production with her son.  Here's her face book site - Annette-Kendall-Professional-Speaker  Nette writes a column in the local newspaper every week and publishes them on facebook.  I think she has a gift but then I'm her Mum.

Well for now I'm going back to sit by the heater because it's blowing a gale down here in Windy Welly and I do wish I'd bought a laptop but then I'd never do anything else!!!  I will post some photos tomorrow of the weekend in sunny Hawkes Bay.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday at home

I'm still speechless... hehe  Beat that!! 

And spent the night coughing so I have taken a sick day and done nothing.. Well except the Club Newsletter as I'm now the new Editor.  I remember saying I wouldn't go back on a Committee for a few years and here I am 8 months later back on one.  But it'll give me the opportunity to get to know people better and fill in a few empty nights I'm sure. 

The sun is out today, the concrete is dry but it'll need a lot more of it to dry out the lawns.  And  inside it's still chilly.  I have the dehumidifier going in my bedroom so hopefully that will do something.

I need to be well by Friday.  I have a few days off to go to Napier.  On the way I'll catch up with daughter No 1 and then pick up Mum.  My grandson Alex is going to be 5 so his party is on Saturday.  He's so cute.. oohhh don't let me start raving on about the grandkids again haha.  Then Saturday night it's a 60th birthday party for my dear friend Margaret in Hastings.  She was 60 beginning of May but has held off the party so I can be there.  And Sunday I'll take my darling Uncle out for lunch as it will be his 82 birthday next week.  Back to PN on Monday for my yearly mammogram.. fingers x again.  And I'll catch up with my friends Carol and Emma, then back to work Wednesday. 

So I just need to get rid of the germs!  (I dare say they might appreciate the silence haha). 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where does this rain come from?

I am so over the rain!  The only sunny blue sky day we had this week was on my birthday!!  Well, that was special but it's been raining ever since. 
My back lawn is a Swamp!@

How to get my washing dry without going to the laundromat???

... well, to prove I'm not just a pretty face I did this..

(Hmm not a very exciting array of washing) but it worked.  I have got all my washing dry to the stage it's okay to bring it inside and air it off on the clothes horse.  The tarpaulins are two small ones.. I need a long one so I don't end up with the rain spilling between them but as I have no other shelter around my home I reckon this was a brilliant idea!

Friday night I went to our Club's UFO night and have nearly, nearly got one top finished.  I had a lot of comments about my half-nighter (that's taken over 12 months) and have vowed to get it finished soon.  Remember this one.

I'll take a photo of the finished top soon.

Sadly I've picked up a bug from work and I also started losing my voice on Friday night (I know I talk too much) but despite not talking most of the weekend I still haven't got it back!!!  Silence is golden I guess but I'm thinking I'll be home again tomorrow - I can only whisper so no use me trying to answer the phone at work!!   I'm always saying that really sick people shouldn't come to work and share their germs so I have to practice what I preach.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not only the Queens Birthday!

I've had a wonderful weekend in Wellington with my two sisters for Raelene's birthday today!  She loved the belly roll of batiks.  And appreciated the fact that I cut some of my favourite fabrics up to give to her. 

We did a lot of walking over the weekend .. around the shops of course. Watched 2 movies "It's Complicated" and "Julie and Julia" about Julia Child... both chick flicks but a neat way to spend the time with your sisters. Both of my sisters were knitting gorgeous baby hats.. for friends.... and I sewed the binding onto my tablecover.

Last night we went to Carmen, ballet at St James theatre.  That was our birthday present from our little sister Deb.  First time for me but absolutely amazing.  the strength and flexibility these dancers have was awesome!  The storyline was easy to follow and I hadn't read the programme!  I wouldn't say I'd go to every ballet but I certainly enjoyed it. 

Tonight I'm going out to Trentham for a sewing group and to make some aprons for my sisters and me, and also to make luggage labels with a difference as they're both heading overseas in September (seperately) with their partners.  I saw the pattern on the net and well, you'll never get confused with someone else's label.  I'll post some photos when I get them done.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend with good company.