Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calorie Free Easter Eggs

Wow, I love these Easter Eggs over at  No calories, no temptation and what a fun present to make for the grandkids.

Two minutes is all it's takes to go to the nearest op shop at lunchtime but look what I found today for a whole $4.00
The fabric is old and a little yellow stained where it's been folded up over the years.  I'm hoping Napisan might get rid of the marks.. any ideas for old fabric ladies???  I think it'll find a place beside my old friend 'Susan' who's nearly 52 years old ( a present from my grandmother on my 1st birthday).  Oh dear, the years are creeping on haha.
Thanks to those friends who have enquired about my mental health.  I am feeling a lot better thanks to a very understanding counsellor and my new found 'drugs' a natural menopause therapy called Remfemin.  Still no news at work but I am coping better. 


Chris H said...

Very cute eggs and unbrella. Bet you love that doll. Glad you are ok.

Margaret said...

Lovely colourful eggs! supercool link, thank you!