Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where did it come from

Wellington and the Hutt had a freak storm here yesterday and the temperatures have dropped heaps. It has been freezing since.  Yesterday it was forecast to rain but at lunchtime I walked to the library, it was beautiful.  A little wind but still pleasant and warm.  About 4 the clouds outside the office window were amazing, dark but fluffy.. we'd never seen anything like in.  Then suddenly it was so dark you could hardly see outside and BANG.. like snapping your fingers.. it was here.  Strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightening.. it was frightening and so cold - dropped 10 degrees I heard.  Freaky. 

Some homes lost part of their roof not far from where I live, trees blown down, boats were blown over in the harbour, a school lost part of its roof but luckily the kids had gone home or it could have been tragic.  I stayed at work until 6 but it was still blowing and heavy rain.  Luckily I took the car which is unusual for me.  I was supposed to go out sewing but decided against that and went to bed early to watch tv.  Same as I'm going to do now.  Got a good book, socks on and my two quilts back on my bed.

I am so not looking forward to winter.


Chris H said...

We saw the news last night about that storm! Awesome. Wish I'd been there. I love storms!
Hope you keep warm.

tizart said...

That storm hit Palmerston North but we missed it here in Feilding. Amazing we are so close.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I was thinking of you dear friend when I saw the news.
What a terrible storm and glad that you were safe. Stay warm and have a good week.