Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Progress Books, Boys and Bikes UPDATED

Sadly George had an accident last night and is spending a few days in hospital.  He was at a supervised bike park when an older kid took off too soon down the jump after George, got too close, collided with him and sent him flying.  Just a freak accident.  He was unconscious for awhile and has swelling on the temple lobe and around his eye, has lost a lot of skin and is in a lot of pain but he is ALIVE.  His helmet saved his life.  So George will be in hospital until he can rule out a bleed.  Fair enough.  Having seen my Dad after a head injury even George appreciates how careful he needs to be. 

UPDATED.  George went home today.  He will be off school for awhile, no physical activity, NO bike for at least 3 weeks.  Has to see neurologist this week and will be referred to the paediatric neurologist from there.  He's very aware of the need to be 'quiet' and needs lots of rest.  A few weeks and he will be back to normal.  Tomorrow Olivia, 5 is taking his helmet to school for a morning talk on how important it is to wear them. 

The Quilt ready to put together.  I'll put a thin border around it, a 3" border of leaves and finished.

Since they've updated Blogspot I have problems getting my pics in the centre sometimes.  It says it's on centre.. but Dahhhh it's not!!

Then to start my challenge.

I've found two really inspiring books from QuiltBooks NZ, a mail order place in Hamilton. 

I love Beyond the Blocks.. can just imagine using my garden fabrics in a quilt like this..
am wondering whether to do my challenge using these techniques... better make my mind up.. only have a month to do it!
Bold Batik Quilts is only $10 in their December specials on the website.  I love this pattern but they're all inspiring.  $10 well, that would be 1 1/2 wines I'll miss out on........who cares!!!

And yet another chance to win gorgeous fabrics.  Please check out and if you leave a comment to be in for the draw please say Kayjay sent me.  (that gives me another entry hehe).  Gorgeous fabrics .. just what a girl needs.

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Chris H said...

WHOA! Poor George, thank goodness he is going to be ok. Must have scared his parents.