Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Time!

Yay, the club's library stocktake is complete. And only 6 books missing.. not good, but not bad either when there's over 1000 books!

And my garden is ready and waiting for new plants to fill in the gaps. I have plenty of succulents... had a fetish for them until I learn't quilting. A few have gone in the bin but I've still got enough to fill half my garden. This one started as a 6 inch cutting eighteen months ago and now it's flowering. It's gorgeous! Might shop for plants at the weekend but now it is time to sew. 4 of us have decided to have a sewing bee on New Years Day. What a neat way to celebrate the start of a NEW year doing something we enjoy and being together with friends. I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I need to finish George's quilt and cut out another one (maybe this one from my favourite hydrangea fabrics) ready to sew on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and then back to work on Monday. OUch my holiday is nearly over. Right, discipline.. make time to sew.

And diet.. yes I'm having chicken salad for dinner tonight. A friend is coming for dinner and to watch Coronation Street.. (yeah, I admit I'm nuts!).

Found some really neat websites with free patterns recently. Have a look at http://www.fatquarterworld.com/ I love urban couture.. and pathway batiks! Oh I must stop looking.. As IF? I need more ideas!

Tomorrow's goals..
spend no more than 20 mins max on computer;
complete George's top ready for quilting;
cut out one to sew on Thursday;
find my UFO's and spend 1/2 hour getting one sorted
Goals for next four days
Finish George's TOMORROW;
Have fun New Years Eve and see this bloody awful year GONE;
Finish a UFO top;
Start my new quilt;
Stay on my diet (except for a few wines tomorrow night hehe);
Buy more plants for garden;
And enjoy every day like I'm gonna enjoy every day of 2009!!!!
Happy Days

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another day in the Garden!

I really really want to sew but another day outside in the garden might restore my 'plain old tidy organised backyard' from the safari adventure it was.
Day 4 of my holiday, Day 5 will be a stocktake of the club library books and after that my time!!!! Yay, I do want to finish George's batik quilt, and do another row or two of my mystery quilt from the quilted forest and then start my hydrangea one.
AND DIET! The time has come to take this seriously.

So here I go back into the hot sun here in Palmerston North, hat on, cream on, sneakers and shovel waiting at the door.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Kind of Christmas

I've pinched this off someone's blog. Really like it.

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate. But here it is Summer!...cool white wine.

Does Santa wrap presents or set them under the tree? Presents are always wrapped.

Colored lights on tree or white? Both

When do you put your decorations up? this year, it was about 5th December. I wasn't going too but my Dad loved Christmas and being Santa and I can imagine him saying "Life goes on"!

What is your favourite holiday dish? Roast Lamb and mint sauce

Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Christmas at my grandparents. They loved their garden and had very little lawn. In fact it was around the clothesline and they had to take the clothesline down to put the tent up for Christmas lunch. There were 17 grandchildren all up and Nana made steamed pudding with all the 3p coins in. There was always Santa too who delivered Nana's presents. How precious those memories now.

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? Friends at school told me it was your parents but I never let on I knew or I wouldn't get a stocking full of presents. When I was 12 I was allowed to help Mum wrap presents up on Christmas Eve.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No. Definitely not. I love opening them all on Christmas Day.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Balls and ornaments first thn tinsel. 2009 I'm going to make special ornaments for everyone in my family, keepsakes. Christmas is here next year. I want to make it very special.

Snow! Love it or Dread it? I think I've seen it three times in my 51 years. It's very pretty but I wouldn't like to live with it. I don't handle cold very well.

Can you ice skate? Never tried. I don't have very good co-ordination so doubt I'd be any good.

Do you remember your favorite gift? It would have to be something my children made for me. I still have a lot of them.

What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family get togethers.

What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Nana's Steamed pudding and custard (with the 3p bits in of course.)

What is your favorite tradition? Writing a letter for Santa and leaving him bikkies and drink. For my grandchildren this year we made skid marks on their lawn and left bits of carrot.. haha.. How precious is their innocence.

Which do you prefer, Giving or Receiving? I enjoy both, but I do love to give presents especially sentimental ones like fixing my daughters 34 year old doll and making her new clothes. She was so surprised.

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Christmas Day by David someone.

Ever recycled a Christmas present? Um, I was going to pass on some hand cream (how many jars does a girl need?) which obviously was passed on to me because it was already past it's useby date!

What would you like for Christmas....
If you were feeling greedy? Enough money to be debt free.
If you weren't feeling greedy? Good health.
If you were being practical? Have my conservatory roof lined so I could use it as another room (It is too hot to use it even with shade cloth I put up today)
If you had a present for one day only, (then had to give it back)?
Stupid I know but I'd love to have a hug from my Dad who died 3 months ago today.

The gardening is nearly finished and my little garden shed is clean. but I have a skip bin outside which is rather full already. How disgusting to have so much junk!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is Over

What a whirlwind Christmas is haha. It's all over now. I feel like a big pig after 2 Christmas meals yesterday and today brunch with a girlfriend ... christmas leftovers (seafood chowder, crumbed mussels and home smoked salmon on toast).. oh It was so delicious!! Christmas day was so full on with my four grandies but I have been so spoilt this year. I got wicked pressies. Nette gave me some Estelle Lauder 8 hour cream and hand cream and $$$$$ towards symposium in EAster 09. Haylee gave me some wools and hand dyed yarns and a neat sewing box within a box within a box.

Isn' it so cool. I can't wait to load it up with my bits and pieces.

My grandson bought me a beautiful Santa globe musical ornament. He bought it with his own money (8 yrs old) It is so precious.

Well, off to bed. It's been tiring this year, travelling, long days. I am so glad to be home and having a few days to potter around. My Uncle looks better than he did and he seems okay. Keeping himself busy and lots of friends around. Tomorrow a skip bin arrives and I'm going to tidy up my unloved garden. I've only been home about 9 weeks since Easter and the weeds have gone nuts! Will take some before and after photos tomorrow.

Nite everyone and Happy New Year coming up.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2nd Best Boss Pressie

I received a present yesterday from my boss.. well she goes through the motions haha. She bought me more fabric.. woohooo what a neat pressie.. just the best!! When she went to Australia this year for a holiday she said she was going to bring me a present and asked what I wanted.. No guesses there huh. So she bought me some in Aus and now I have more. They are so cool and I didn't buy them myself so it's okay haha. And she doesn't sew so it's a new experience for her buying fabric she says.

I say she's my second best boss cause Chris reads my blog and her hubby Stew was the BEST BOSS I ever worked with. And yes, I miss him and his stupid sense of humour... no one else understands my jokes. And he was always there for all his staff (Like the rooster in the hen house) when you needed advice on work or needed to share with someone confidentially... .. Hence the present I gave him when he left.
One more sleep and I'm off to Hawkes Bay and my grandchildren. Xmas is so much more fun when there are little kids around. I have the afternoon off to wrap presents and finish things off.
I found a list my daughter wrote when she was little of all the things she wanted for Xmas. I'm making up a parcel using the list and photos of her with earrings and high heels etc as part of her present. Of course, a couple of photos are of her messy bedroom so the telephone and the alarm clock were in there somewhere haha.
the only thing she never got was the puppy... do you think he'll do. I will go to the $2 shop and get a lead and a toy.
This year new towels for Nette and Brendan, battery toothbush and battery charger with money for Cam, Haylee and Simon get more of their Maxwell Williams set, George $$$ and a horse mug like my Dad had, OLivia a Dora Doll, and Alex a racing car complete with driver. My son Ken gets clothes as usual. He doesn't buy them for himself. But sadly he has to work Boxing day so can't be with us this year.
Better get to work. 1/2 day.. wow feels good. I'm meeting a friend for lunch, going to see 30 xmas trees in a church this avo, then finish off pressie shopping, come home and wrap and then out for a few wines .. whoops two - so I don't get caught drink driving haha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

OH golly gosh!

I have finally put the new batteries in my scales and jumped on. I didn't say golly gosh.. I'd let you imagine what I really said. But I am only as big as I was 6 years ago.. ONLY??? Right, Christmas day is two days away. And then it's CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. Discipline is what I need.

Rang Doctor today. They haven't heard anything from the Hospital so I don't know what to think. I dare say they've gone on holiday most of them but I might try tomorrow. I just want to know I haven't been lost in the system because I'm sure the test will rule out the big C, but when you've had it once it's hard not to think about it once the Dr's have suggested it.

I've been searching blogs for the past two hours tonight. So many neat and clever people amongst you. And so many goregous ideas. Tomorrow I promise to post some more photos of where I live etc.

Goodnight and hope you ladies in USA are keeping warm with your quilts


Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a productive weekend!

Yay, I feel so enthused. I didn't finish George's quilt but it is ready to put the borders on however I'm not sure it needs them so the quilt is laid out on my lounge floor till tomorrow night. The border makes it a rather large single quilt. What do you all think?It's a really fun day sewing with friends. I've sorted out a possible pattern for my hydrangea quilt. Sort of a suduko quilt.. 9 fabrics in frames but in different places in each block. My lovely friend Robin gave me a beautiful bag for Xmas made from fabrics to raise money for cancer. She's so thoughtful and has put so much work into it. Then Saturday night Alison and I went to the Christmas Show and wow, what a lot of talent! It was brilliant. got me into the Christmas spirit anyway. And I do love carols, not sure about the person next to me but I love to sing along.

Gosh, I am so SO looking forward to a few days off. Today my son Ken 29yrs came around and put together my new portable bbq. And helped me tidy up my porch cupboard. After Christmas I'm getting a skip bin and having a huge springclean.. yeap it turns me on haha. So we've made a start! My daughter, son-in-law and grandson Cam came for lunch from Dannevirke and we christened the bbq. Yumm. It's small enough to fit in my porch but plenty big enough to cook for 6.

We went to Madagascar 2 this afternoon. Fabulous movie for kids. I love kids movies. So much fun and Cam is gorgeous .. he's a really lovely kid. Nearly 9 but he can have a great conversation and has a priceless sense of humour.

The bestest bestest news is I finally found a sketch my Dad had one for me on my 13th birthday. He always called me Horse, because there once was a racehorse called Karen Anne (me) and on my birthday he draw a picture of a horse with 13 on the saddle, and wrote "Eat up Horse, It's ya birfday.. All the other horses have their's on 1st August". It is 38 years old so getting a bit thin and the ink is a bit faint but it's worth a million dollars. I forgot I had put a container with all my old letters and things kids had done in the porch cupboard.

Still no news from the hospital. I think I'll ring the Dr this week and see if she's heard anything. The registra was going to speak to the surgeon about getting the cholonoscopy done earlier than end of Jan, so I'm hoping I haven't got lost in the system.

Anyway, a wonderful weekend and I am a lot happier now that I've caught up on a few jobs and started sewing. I am setting a goal to get a quilt made for my other two grandchildren, and my 3 kids this year. They don't want one at the moment but as long as I've made one they can have in the future I'll feel better. Well, I'm off to bed to watch Bad Santa. 10 more sleeps and it's a BRAND NEW YEAR!! 2009... 9 is good! My birthdate, my Dad's birthdate, and my house no. Also , Cam's new racing number after the National champs this year... Countdown starts now..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sewing Therapy

Tomorrow is the first sewing day I've been to for a few months so I'm really hoping to be inspired into getting back into my quilting. I am going to take my grandson's quilt which has been a WIP for nearly two years.

It's already in panel but just needs them sewn together and the border put on. I really want to get one done for each of my grandchildren over the next few months and then make one for my kids even though they aren't really interested. They are heirlooms ..after all.

I also hope to make some placemats for my friend in Brisbane. bit late for Xmas but it's the thought that counts.

It's a fun day, about 8 of us take our machines and spread out in a big hall with huge tables and heaps of light. Have a lot of laughs and hey, no interruptions!

So watch this space haha. Finished top for posting tomorrow night?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things happen in threes?

In the last 11 weeks I've lost my Dad, my Aunty and hopefully but very sadly I've just had news of the third death..... My dear friend Margaret's dog was mauled to death by her daughters pit bull cross yesterday. It's absolutely horrible to think that old Spot died in such a vicious horrible way but she understood when I said "please god, let that be the 3rd".. I don't want to lose my lovely Uncle who has lung cancer but today he gave me a vase that he said Aunty wanted me to have. She's had it for so long it didnt seem right taking it away from their home but he insisted I take it now. I feel like he thinks he won't be here for long and he's doing a big spring clean in his sheds and cupboards...but that's way more than I can cope with right now. How sad it must be for elderly people or anyone who is suddenly on their own after a life time together. They have been so close to me, as was my Dad, (if I could ever get him on his own...) and when Uncle goes it's like all the elder's who have cared about me and loved me unconditionally have gone. My Mum is not so unconditional and very judgemental sadly but she has become closer now that Dad has passed away. However, sadly, we've never been AS close as Dad, Uncle, Aunty and Me. Am I feeling sorry for myself still.. yeap!

I'm allowed too.. on Friday I had tests as my Dr wants to rule out bowel cancer and now I have to have a colonoscopy... the waiting list is till the end of January but the surgeon wants to get something done before then so I'm waiting for a phone call...maybe tomorrow! I haven't told anyone in my family.. they've had enough and don't need anything else to worry about. If it's bad news I'll still handle it myself for awhile but I'm still hoping it's just ongoing 'crap' (literally) from chlostredium difficile which I contacted in hospital after my cancer surgery last year. Tests are clear for it now but it does destroy the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Geez, I need to do something happy..... tomorrow night I've got a christmas party to go too.. more food. I have to be honest. My diet has not started yet! I think I'll give up till after Christmas and then get stuck in. Probably go back to WW as I can't do it on my own. Need a buddy to go to the pool with too.. and walking.

This weeks goals... to cut out two quilts so I can sew them together next Saturday at sewing day.

To cut down on one naughty food.. and make my lunch for work (3 days at least)

To finish my spring cleaning and gardening

Okay, off to bed. It's been an overwhelming day and I need to be switched on for work tomorrow.

PS I've just read my friend Chris (Diet Coke Rocks) blog and heard that my old boss Stew's dad has passed away too. My love and thoughts go out to you both. It's such a sad experience to watch your loved one pass away slowly but I am so humble that I could be there for my Dad and my Aunt. How wonderful it was Stew that you've been in the same city and been able to share more time with him in the past few months. Big Hugs mate.

Nite everyone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kick Me Please

I am so incredibly sad!@ The grief has caught up with me and I need a kick start to stop feeling so lost! I have so much to do but I am sleeping and sleeping and crying.. how boring am I? I even bought some more fabric today (no, I havent lost anything) but I thought tonight I'd get started on a gift for a friend in Oz. So far, it's laid on the floor and I've been looking at ideas and patterns on the net.
Tomorrow ah. I've coped really well till now but losing both my Dad and my Aunty in 2 months is just CRAP!
Anyway I'll pull myself together and ring my lovely Uncle now as I'm sure he feels sadder than me. I have to be there for him next but hopefully he'll stay well for a lot longer yet.

Tomorrow.. I promise photos and ACTION!

Night everyone

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How many Angels does he want up there?

I've just come home again from Hawkes Bay. My beautiful Aunt, my second Mum passed away last week. It is sad but also a release, as she has not recovered from a heart attack 8 weeks ago, 3 days after my Dad's funeral (her brother).

But I am so privileged to have been able to be with my Uncle during most of these long weeks, being with Aunty at the hospital every night and keeping him company. He is very 'with it' and loves to talk. He's read and read, and they have travelled everywhere in NZ so we've had a few late nights. Uncle has lung cancer and is unable to have any treatment to prolong it. He's opting for quality of life but there are not promises.

Aunty's funeral was simple and happy, the way she would have wanted it. I managed to talk and tell tales about what she has mean't to us, but it's always hard to finish. However, I got the mourners to give her a round of applause.. she has battled so much during her lifetime but never complained ever... an Oscar winning performance. Aunty always made me feel loved and appreciated and I often left the hospital at night feeling like I'd been sick and she'd made me feel better. How rewarding it is to know you are helping someone.

Sad to have overheard a close relative saying how they hadn't been to visit because they wanted to remember her how she used to be... well, what a load of crock! Aunty was still with it, she was physically weak and worn out, sure she'd lost heaps of weight and sometime unable to speak without slurring her words but she knew. She knew who we were and she understood what we were staying, so I'm sure she yearned for her family to visit and say goodbye. I certainly hope my family don't abandon me if this happens.

How many more angels does God want? I hope he leaves Uncle for a long time..he's like a best friend and if I haven't got my Dad, I need him,,,, well though, I don't want him to suffer too.