Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ready to Go??

Well my house has never been so organised!! What it is when you're moving ah.. what a lot of 'stuff' I've accumulated but every bit useful. The stove looks like it's on show at Harvey Norman, the cupboards have been cleaned out and my 'man cupboard' (big enough for a man to stand in and long enough for him to lie in - however no man has offered to live in there and pay me yet) has been cleaned out and only holds the stuff I'm taking with me.

I have only to pack my bags with enough clothes for a week and enough fabric to stop me going stupid in the motel. I can't can't WAIT to move into my new little house. My sister from Wellington is going to come and help me next weekend. I think I'm going to have too much furniture but I decided to take it with me and then ring the Sallies.

I can't put on any new photos cause I've packed all the cords in the box I'm taking with me. But here's a few of the bag competition held at Marton Quilt group a couple of weeks ago. The theme was recycled and old ... Here's one a friend made using labels off old clothes. If you go into selvege blog in my favourites they have a photo of a quilt made with old labels.. who would have thought of collecting them but like ties they are very attractive. This one is made from chux clothes and fabric made from old wool, cottons, fabrics, rubbish all sewn together. The handle is made of bread bag clips ... truly recycled.One of the exhibitors was an a fabric artist who has designed aprons and decorated them using old buttons ...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jelly Rolls

Seeing Nanci's picture of Jelly Rolls reminded me I didn't take a photo of my boob roll on Friday night. YOu see in the quilting world there are Jelly Rolls which are a roll of about 40 x 2.5" strips the width of the fabric and there are many patterns for strip quilting.

My friend SusanClaire in my favourites list is selling Belly Rolls which are 5" strips, Spring Rolls - little squares rolled up and tied with string etc etc.

On Friday we celebrated Emma's 5 years since BC and therefore she's not taking any medication now. So I made her a Boob Roll .. I rolled up several pink, red and brown strips first then I wrapped creams, tans, fawns and neutral fabrics around them. I put my finger in the middle to push the 'nipple' out! It caused a lot of laughs and hilarity.

At Christmas time I made Jellie Rolls for a $10 secret Santa at the Quilting club. I rolled up strips around a packet of Jelly!!

Off to work. Have a great day

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The burglars have been

My house looks like the burglars have been in every room. (I can't possibly put photos in..

I am sorting ... clothes I haven't worn for over 2 years.. for the sallies, kitchen cupboard stuff I haven't used for over a year (that's anything to do with baking!@!!), tools.. why do I need 10 screwdrivers (share them with my son) and I need to work out how many plants I'm taking.. I've collected succulents for 5 years but they sadly don't care the annual tlc since I became addicted to patchwork.

But before I disappear amongt the chaos here's the photos of my gorgeous goodie bag I won for naming Chirs H's new vehicle in Diet Coke Rocks. Of course it had to be Rocky or Roxy depending on whether its male or female!!! It all came in a beautiful little satin bag .. wish my curves were like thisCute little buttons and charms A lovely peice of fluffy fabric, a fat quarter of coffee fabric.. I know exactly what to do with it...

Any yummy.. Quilt Diva.. a wallhanging pattern thats 49" by 24" ..

and I am tracing it out so I can put it together while I'm living in the motel for a week. I have to find all the fabrics of course but hey, its a good way to sort out my fabrics ready for moving haha. It's so cool, I love her already. Have to make it look like me!!! And last but not least, the lovely Chris sent this fabric.. which has several Quilting sayings in panels ready to make into a wallhanging, quilt or cushions for my NEW sewing room. (I'm not sure if Quilting keeps me sane... I don't feel very sane these days haha). It made my day getting all this treasure Chris. You went to so much trouble to find things specially for me and I am so wrapped. You will have to come down when I get Diva finished.. or whenever.. Thank you Thank you thank you.

I did have some more bad news this week but I can't dwell on it. My dear beautiful friend in Brisbane who I love dearly like a sister has terminal cancer. The DR has been treating her for a heart problem over the last 8 months but ten days ago she became very ill and he decided to order an urgent MRI. She is on heavy pain killers for CA bowel, lungs, liver and kidney. No treatment possible. I remember when I lived next door to Fay she always had a terrible cough. The Dr treated her with medication but I guess she got used to it and never complained enough... she was making concrete paths and painting the flats. Fay walked 5kms to the library!!!!! She has been so fit and well until the last 8 months. I'm going to get the move over and hopefully get a cheap airfare for a long weekend very soon as I want to go and see her before she is too unwell like Dad and Aunty were.

UPDATE - PM a possible tennant came through at 2pm...and I think she might take it. She's my age, single, and new to PN. So fingers crossed she'll take it as I'd like someone nice to live in "my" house. She likes gardening so that's got to be good!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have a home!

I'm back but just flying in today to let you know I have a cute little house at my price, good area, close to work AND I won't get lost getting there!@! Off to Saturday sewing with the girls today. My last time for awhile so I need to go and buy a cake! Have some photos to put in tonight. I WON Diet Coke Rocks Name The Wheels Competition and I have so many goodies! I'm taking them with me today to show off and trace out the pattern for Quilt Diva... show you later!! Have a great day

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So off I go..

I'm heading down to Lower Hutt tomorrow to look for somewhere to live. There's a few nice looking ones on Trademe tonight so fingers crossed. A lady I met at a sewing group in PN moved down there 6 weeks ago and I've made contact with her this week. Her friend is a local taxi driver and is able to tell me what streets/areas are good and not so good. Wow I am so relieved. that was my biggest worry.. moving into the wrong area. So I'm meeting up with S and H tomorrow. They're going to drive me around all the places to let and I have one to view tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed. I'm working down there until Thursday afternoon so surely the right place will turn up by then.

Went to Acupuncture twice this week. I have had terrible back, shoulder and neck pain for the last week and dizzyness for 2 weeks. It's horrible but I think it is because I'm so tense lately and busy. Connie is amazing. She pushed on all the muscles in my back and none were sore!!! She touched my hips and I nearly jumped through the roof. the muscle all along my right side from my hip to my shoulder is inflamed and tight, and the left side too but not as bad. Acupuncture works. Been there done that. I've already booked in for a massage in Welly and will have another session of acupuncture next Friday. Just have to have breaks and relax!!!!

Hey for something really cool have a look at Kirsty Duncan is ex Palmy quilter. I love these. I'm taking all the bits to Welly with me and hope to make enough for goodbye pressies for the Saturday sewing girls and my close friends. My dear friend sberrymum is making them so I can't make her one???

Friday, July 10, 2009

Checkin in

Just a quick note before I fly off to work. I have been so tired lately, bed early and can't get up in the monring. Yesterday I slept through the alarm and woke at 7.55am.. just proved I can have a shower, wash hair, get dressed and still be at work at 8.30.

I had a visit from an old friend Linda B this week. She bought me a gorgeous cushion she's made from bits of fabric. On the back it says "Laugh until you're in stitches".
Linda doesn't do patchwork but she makes the most amazing clothes for herself. I wish I could but tent patterns only come in one shape (joiking)

I'm also allowed to choose my own farewell gift from the Club up to $50.00 .. Wicked. I didn't want fabric. I've ordered a book .. a beautiful book on Scandinavian quilts... (my ancestry) and I am going to ask everyone in the Club to put their name in it at the last meeting. Oh geez, got to go.. lump in my throat@!!! I am such a sook!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

WHAT THE ?????

Yeap, everyone thinks I'm mad but I'm tidying up before the removal guy comes to have a look at my stuff on Thursday. And everyone says "Why.. they're going to pack it anyway".. but I figure why move my rubbish???
So I've been tidying my bedroom, the bathroom cupboards and the kitchen/laundry cupboards this weekend... I've sorted my quilting magazines... given a few away. And now my bookshelves look so tidy.
Today I've tidied my craft cupboard (also known as the linen cupboard).. and I've even sorted my buttons and my beads, my ribbons and other bits and pieces. They look so organised .. will I ever use them who knows?

Tomorrow night I'll start in the sewing room and fill up the 60 litre plastic bins that I bought with my fabric.. not sure if 2 will be enough ..
And then I have the man cupboard to sort out... Why Man Cupboard.. cause its tall enough and long enough for a man to live in.. that's the one I was going to find to give me money, do the housework, cook, and go fishing on Sundays.... and come out when I was lonely!! Not the blow up variety Chris haha.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, it's all been confirmed. I got the job in Wellington and I'm moving.. that is, when I find somewhere to live! I have seen a few I like but unless I"m done there to view them it's a waste of time as they're gone the next day. So next weekend I'm off to the big smoke to start looking. I'll stay a few days and work from the office so that I'm on the spot if I find one I like. The rents are huge compared to Palmy so I'm hoping to get one handy to work so I can save petrol. I need the exercise too!
Last night I went to my last Committee meeting. Eeek... It's so hard saying goodbye but they will manage without me haha. I'm not going to get 'involved' in a new club straight away, I think I'll enjoy the meetings and 'cruise' for a little while till I know where I belong.
So tomorrow, Saturday, sort and tidy. My house looks like the burglar's have been and the removal guys are coming thursday to look at what I've got. I also need to start cleaning windows and the stove.. oooohhhh yuck!

Tonight it's feet up and sorting through my COLLECTION of patchwork magazines and photocopied patterns. I'm sure I don't need all 11,001 of them!