Monday, March 29, 2010


What a weekend.  Friday night I had sewing group with 3 friends.  Saturday was Club Day and then a friend around for cheap pizza and the Topp Twins DVD (very moving) and yesterday I sewed all day with about 12 other ladies.  I love sewing together with others.  I get so much more done. 

So the picnic quilt is finished.. I hate my camera.. it doesn't take good photos at all.  This looks really ugly in the photo but I don't think it's that bad in real life.

This is a UFO that I dragged out to take to Sewing Day yesterday.  It's laid out but I swear I'll get it finished very soon.  Don't know who I'll give it to or maybe I'll hang onto it for myself. 

It's a bit dazzling I think.  The pattern is on Bonnie Hunters website.. I think it's called Brick Roads but I changed it a little (as I do) and put it on the diagonal.  I need to finish the bottom rows and sew the panels together then I'll put a border around it.

An early night is necessary.  I am so tired today.. wonder why.  My daughter has been in hospital since Friday and you know what us mothers are like.  Worry worry.. they thought it was shingles but results came back today.  It's an infection in her liver and treatable.  PHeww.  Hopefully she'll be discharged in the next couple of days.  Nette had a liver transplant 17 years ago in June so anything like this is a concern.

Right.. off to wrap up the quilt and go to bed.  The temperatures have dropped at nights and I"ve even got my slippers on.  Sad but I think summer has bypassed us quickly again!

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MrsC said...

KJ love your leafy quilt is absolutely beautiful! I can tell from reading your blog that it's given you plenty of jip, but you really have made a fabulous quilt. And I do so love this batik one, love its dazzlingness! :) Batiks can punch colour so much more appealingly than prints.
Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell, even if it's not the dreaded shingles. xoxo