Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter everyone

I'm off on my travels again to visit my dear friend Myra who taught me how to quilt and who caused YEAH CAUSED my addiction to quilting..

This is my second ever project which I made for Myra before I moved to Palmerston North 5 years ago at Easter 2005.

Notice there was no quilting on it... hmmm the Quilt Police would have something to say about that!  Haha.

Have a really great Easter everyone and safe travelling.  I'm taking my Uncle with me to visit his son and it will be nice to share his company again.  Here's hoping for safe roads and sunshine all the way.

Monday, March 29, 2010


What a weekend.  Friday night I had sewing group with 3 friends.  Saturday was Club Day and then a friend around for cheap pizza and the Topp Twins DVD (very moving) and yesterday I sewed all day with about 12 other ladies.  I love sewing together with others.  I get so much more done. 

So the picnic quilt is finished.. I hate my camera.. it doesn't take good photos at all.  This looks really ugly in the photo but I don't think it's that bad in real life.

This is a UFO that I dragged out to take to Sewing Day yesterday.  It's laid out but I swear I'll get it finished very soon.  Don't know who I'll give it to or maybe I'll hang onto it for myself. 

It's a bit dazzling I think.  The pattern is on Bonnie Hunters website.. I think it's called Brick Roads but I changed it a little (as I do) and put it on the diagonal.  I need to finish the bottom rows and sew the panels together then I'll put a border around it.

An early night is necessary.  I am so tired today.. wonder why.  My daughter has been in hospital since Friday and you know what us mothers are like.  Worry worry.. they thought it was shingles but results came back today.  It's an infection in her liver and treatable.  PHeww.  Hopefully she'll be discharged in the next couple of days.  Nette had a liver transplant 17 years ago in June so anything like this is a concern.

Right.. off to wrap up the quilt and go to bed.  The temperatures have dropped at nights and I"ve even got my slippers on.  Sad but I think summer has bypassed us quickly again!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nearly finished

Today is Quilt club Day so the binding is nearly finished on my picnic rug.  I want to show it this afternoon.. so I don't need to be on my blog huh!!  But I've found a really neat giveaway on
http://abbeylanequilts.blogspot.com/  You could win a gorgeous pincushion, scrapcatcher or second prize you get to choose one of their patterns from http://www.abbylanequilts.com/
Hard to choose.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calorie Free Easter Eggs

Wow, I love these Easter Eggs over at http://retro-mama.blogspot.com/2009/03/easter-is-in-air.html.  No calories, no temptation and what a fun present to make for the grandkids.

Two minutes is all it's takes to go to the nearest op shop at lunchtime but look what I found today for a whole $4.00
The fabric is old and a little yellow stained where it's been folded up over the years.  I'm hoping Napisan might get rid of the marks.. any ideas for old fabric ladies???  I think it'll find a place beside my old friend 'Susan' who's nearly 52 years old ( a present from my grandmother on my 1st birthday).  Oh dear, the years are creeping on haha.
Thanks to those friends who have enquired about my mental health.  I am feeling a lot better thanks to a very understanding counsellor and my new found 'drugs' a natural menopause therapy called Remfemin.  Still no news at work but I am coping better. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

True friends are like diamonds

So true.  I have had a fabulous weekend.  I've spent 3 days catching up with my old friends and my family whom I haven't seen since Christmas.  And I feel wonderful.  It's so lovely to be close to them all again even for a precious moment or two.  And hugs.. I think that's one of the things I miss the most!!  I need to go back up there more often.

On Saturday I went to the quilt show at Waipukurau.  I had my 10 year old grandson with me and he was so GOOD.  He loves looking at quilts and appreciates the work in them.  I made one for his 6th birthday and he still brings it out to the couch every night and then back on his bed.  I really enjoyed the precious time we had together on Saturday. 

Here's a couple of photos of the quilts at the show....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Put your feet up and read a ......chair!

Wicked huh.  I love it.. what a brilliant idea.  Like I need another one.  Have a look at http://cre8fmomquilts.blogspot.com/ for photo instructions of how she did this.  I haven't thrown out the old black kitchen chairs with worn out cushions yet... I love the wrought iron look so maybe I should make selvege covers for the seats?????

Two of my quilts have gone to Julie today to be quilted.  I feel so relieved that the picnic quilt will be finished in time.  I started looking at my other UFO's tonight and I need to get some backings for them then Julie can quilt them too.  She's very reasonable. 

and now off to bed.  Tomorrow night pack and then Friday off to catch up with friends and family for the first time since Christmas.  I can't wait.  Take care everyone and have a great weekend. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tizart her gorgeous work

There are so many amazing quilters in NZ now but some carry on doing what they like doing and always turn out amazing work.  I have watched Liz on many occassions when I leaved in PN and I miss her inspiration and advice.  but look at this.. her gecko quilt.  Have a close look at the detail of her quilting.  She is so clever.  Check out her other work and sign up to be follower.  Tizart is a lively colourful and creative site.Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair done again. I always look so nice when I've been so I'm taking my camera and hoping to get a photo before I leave, while it's all pretty..

Monday, March 15, 2010

what an exciting week

I've won a prize.  An ebook bout Candy for Quilters.  I can download it tomorrow.  It's all ideas for making little presents for quilters..no calories... and Darlee http://quiltsamplerjournal.blogspot.com/2010/03/candy-for-quilters.html will also design a candy wrapper specially for me to give to friends.  What special occasion shall I celebrate this year??

My birthday.. . NAH!! Too many now
My 1st year living in the big smoke.. not sure I want to celebrate that at the moment.. wait until the restructure at work is over!!!
Losing 5 kgs.. yeah right!!!
Three years Cancer free.. that'll do.  I can celebrate being s survivor and having met so many wonderful people in my life. 

And guess what, I'm going home on Friday.. staying with my good friend Friday night, dinner with friend from UK, a quilt show in Waipuk Sat, with my grandson aged 10, then we'll carry on to Napier and I have nearly 2 days with ALL my grandkids together at Olivia's 6th birthday party.  Catch up with my girls, their hubby's, Mum,  Uncle and friends, back home Monday to PN of course, see my friends and going to my old Quilt Club for the night.  See all my wonderful friends.. I am so excited!! I can't wait!  I'M GOING HOME.. . well, even if it's only a little while.. Roll on Friday..

Quilt back nearly done.  Needing to make my backing fabric a little longer, and a little wider so using some spare blocks from front to build it out.  It'll look good.  finish tomorrow night .. I've decided to send it to a local quilter who does an excellent job for a very reasonable price... less stress and means I can start the challenge quilt.

And now I need to go to bed and read.. Mao's Last Dancer.  They say you have to read the book before seeing the movie!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where did it come from

Wellington and the Hutt had a freak storm here yesterday and the temperatures have dropped heaps. It has been freezing since.  Yesterday it was forecast to rain but at lunchtime I walked to the library, it was beautiful.  A little wind but still pleasant and warm.  About 4 the clouds outside the office window were amazing, dark but fluffy.. we'd never seen anything like in.  Then suddenly it was so dark you could hardly see outside and BANG.. like snapping your fingers.. it was here.  Strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightening.. it was frightening and so cold - dropped 10 degrees I heard.  Freaky. 

Some homes lost part of their roof not far from where I live, trees blown down, boats were blown over in the harbour, a school lost part of its roof but luckily the kids had gone home or it could have been tragic.  I stayed at work until 6 but it was still blowing and heavy rain.  Luckily I took the car which is unusual for me.  I was supposed to go out sewing but decided against that and went to bed early to watch tv.  Same as I'm going to do now.  Got a good book, socks on and my two quilts back on my bed.

I am so not looking forward to winter.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good buys today

I found this gorgeous bowl today in a sale.  I love it but not sure if I'll use it for a salad or in my sewing room with pretty buttons, or cottons or anythings!!!  It's better in real life than in this photo.
I also found this lovely felt bag which I am sure my granddaughter will love for her 6th birthday next weekend.  I think I'll pretty it up a bit with buttons and beads on the flowers.  It's gorgeous.. wish I could keep it myself.  I think I might draft a pattern off it before I give it to her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Two weeks ago I bought a New Idea mag and entered a competition or two.  I was so surprised to win movie tickets to Remember Me in Wellington.  It was a beautiful movie.. a bit of everything in it but a good old chick flick.  Loved young Caroline - her character was gorgeous! The ending though.. woah, blew me away.. clever writer that's all I can say.  I didn't get a tear in my eye until then..

Of course it was sponsored by New Idea and ZM radio so there was a free magazine on each seat.  Guess what, I bought it yesterday to enter some more competitions!!!  I'm sure my neighbour will enjoy it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Free tutorials

Jump in and have a look at Greta's blog.  She has a neat new tutorial on making a quilt using striped fabric.

Have a look at Greta's blog on http://cadouri-din-inima.blogspot.com/2010/03/tilted-squares-patchwork-tutorial.html

There are several sites with free patterns but blogs are a good place to find them too.  Thank you to everyone who shares.

Update on George - He is bored, sore (beauty black eye) and tired but Bored!!   Guess he'll LOVE school when he gets back to it.  Going to go and see him next weekend, it'll also be my granddaughters 6th birthday.. I'd better get a present organised.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally.. on the homeward straight

Just ran out of fabric for the last border but I can get some tomorrow.  Procrastinator extra plus is me .. mind you my head space has been otherwise occupied.. and still is but hey I've achieved something this weekend and so I feel good again. 

I think this will make a neat picnic quilt or a table cover but it's all but ready to put together.  I've got some neat fabrics to put on the back with apples and apple trees in these colours (the recipient is a teacher).  And I've figured out how to make a book rest..for my neighbour.. and maybe I'll sell some.. maybe!! 

Well, that's me.  I'm starting the week feeling good and when this is finished I can start my challenge.. I have one month to make it but I have all the fabrics, the pattern and it's not hard so NO PROCRASTINATING this time.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Progress Books, Boys and Bikes UPDATED

Sadly George had an accident last night and is spending a few days in hospital.  He was at a supervised bike park when an older kid took off too soon down the jump after George, got too close, collided with him and sent him flying.  Just a freak accident.  He was unconscious for awhile and has swelling on the temple lobe and around his eye, has lost a lot of skin and is in a lot of pain but he is ALIVE.  His helmet saved his life.  So George will be in hospital until he can rule out a bleed.  Fair enough.  Having seen my Dad after a head injury even George appreciates how careful he needs to be. 

UPDATED.  George went home today.  He will be off school for awhile, no physical activity, NO bike for at least 3 weeks.  Has to see neurologist this week and will be referred to the paediatric neurologist from there.  He's very aware of the need to be 'quiet' and needs lots of rest.  A few weeks and he will be back to normal.  Tomorrow Olivia, 5 is taking his helmet to school for a morning talk on how important it is to wear them. 

The Quilt ready to put together.  I'll put a thin border around it, a 3" border of leaves and finished.

Since they've updated Blogspot I have problems getting my pics in the centre sometimes.  It says it's on centre.. but Dahhhh it's not!!

Then to start my challenge.

I've found two really inspiring books from QuiltBooks NZ, a mail order place in Hamilton. 

I love Beyond the Blocks.. can just imagine using my garden fabrics in a quilt like this..
am wondering whether to do my challenge using these techniques... better make my mind up.. only have a month to do it!
Bold Batik Quilts is only $10 in their December specials on the website.  I love this pattern but they're all inspiring.  $10 well, that would be 1 1/2 wines I'll miss out on........who cares!!!

And yet another chance to win gorgeous fabrics.  Please check out http://fiberbabble.blogspot.com/2010/02/blogoversary-that-wasnt-part-two.html and if you leave a comment to be in for the draw please say Kayjay sent me.  (that gives me another entry hehe).  Gorgeous fabrics .. just what a girl needs.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tea cups and op shops

Carolyn on Little Bear Studio has a picture of her favourite teacup.  My Mum has a few precious teacups but I don't have a single one except these little glass ones my Nana gave me for my two little girls 30+ years ago.  She thought they could play tea parties with them... I'm sure I gave them a plastic set and put these aside.  I must give them to the girls one day but they're not very sentimental.

But I keep checking out the op shops because I found this gorgeous pattern in an Australia Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.  I think they'd make gorgeous presents. 
Today after an appointment I had an hour to go to the Salvation Army op shop.   I bought this log basket, not for logs but to put all my library books in (I always have a few in a pile on the floor) and a Crockpot recipe book at last for $2.00. 

And it's an Alison and Simon Holst one too.  Both in excellent condition

And now I'm off to begin putting that autumn quilt together.  I had a couple of emails from good quilting friends and came home with an 'idea' of making the blocks 'float'.  while checking the dashboard tonight I had a look at the freebies on Geta's Quilting Studio and Geta has a pattern for what I wanted to do.. http://cadouri-din-inima.blogspot.com/2009/04/quick-and-easy-quilt-tutorial.htmlSo all the hard work is done.  thanks Geta!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Carole's Giveaways

Now great news for the day.  Hop over to Madness and Mess and check out Carole's giveaway.  I know Carole from Palmy and she does the most amazing gorgeous handwork  http://kiwicarole.blogspot.com/

Carole is giving away one of her creative postcards every week in March and if you sign up as a follower and she gets 100 followers in March... someone (hopefully me) will win this beautiful journal.  

Now believe me, I've seen Carole's work up close and if I won something she made it would be a real treasure. 

Thank you to everyone for their emails and comments about my quilt.  I kinda like this - it floats maybe.. but is this good or not so good.

Or maybe the green
or maybe not?? 
 It's good to live on your own because I can spread it all out over the floor and noone will complain haha.