Sunday, September 25, 2011

Never start the big jobs

I decided to spring clean my sewing room YES AGAIN!!! I'm sure I'll never use all this fabric and I need more room, especially when Myra comes to visit next month and of course I had to find the right place for my new Jones sewing machine.  I've bought an old cast iron "Jones" tredle table for it to sit on. 

Of course being the single, independant , stubborn woman I am I moved it all by myself amidst the chaos that was in the room because I can. 
But lifting a heavy table while dodging the disarray of furniture in the room I did myself an injury.   I think I've strained the rotator cuff again!!)  It's very painful if I try to lift my arm.  So stupid grrr.  

Patience is not a virtue with me but as I'm getting older I need to learn to ask for help.  (Note to myself).  (My son was outside having a cigarette - but hey I can do anything.. yeah, right! haha)

I then decided to sort through my magazines and took half of them to our Club meeting yesterday.  We have a stall for unwanted quilting magazines etc 5 for $1.00.  If you buy some and decide you don't want them you can take it back the next month. You don't get your money back but its a cheap read for the month.  And the proceeds go to charity so it's a worthwhile project.  Of course I bought 5 new ones home !!!!  As you do.

Today I decided to go through my fabrics as I bought some storage bins last night to put fabric etc in the cupboard that housed the magazines.  I'm hesitant to put fabrics on the shelves as once I saw a silverfish in there, a long time ago though.  The containers are a perfect fit, clear with coloured lids only $7.99 so I can easily identify whats in them.   

But I culled quite a lot of fabric that I'll never use and projects I've started that I'll never finish!

Though now it's bedtime and the room is still chaos!!

I know I should never start these big jobs but I always think it'll look better when I've finished.  Juste seems to take a lot longer than I think!. 

Photos when I can find the floor!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Phew, was it a holiday haha

I've had such a busy time the last 10 days but it was so much fun. I flew up to stay with Myra, my dear friend for a week. We have so much in common, it's just like a sisterhood.. quilting, op shops, craft work, etc etc. And talk.. wow, we talked and that was so neat... quite a few early mornings - going to bed haha.

Me and Myra at a Teddy Bears Picnic for her granddaughter.  The kids had so much fun.

Beautiful cup cakes for a little girls birthday.  Too pretty to eat.

Myra's amazing shirt quilt - the backing is denim from old skirts and jeans.  I have a big bag of shirts to make one now.

Here's a few photos of quilts at the Waikato Quilt show.  Beautiful work.

I love this quilt.  The buttons were beautiful.. of course. 

A lovely Blue quilt.  So much work in it.  I love the shading..

A lot of hard work and gorgeous colours in this wallhanging.

blue and yellow is another great combination

I waited for ages to get a photo of this whole quilt but there was a queue so I sneaked in to get a photo of these tui's in a pohutakawa tree.  Wow!

I know this one was made by Judith Ross and it was at symposium.  Its like the Mandala Sands.. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is really neat.. Reminds me of apartments on hills in Wellington CBD

This quilt was hanging in the Oncology Clinic at Hamilton Hospital.  It was made by 3 quilters in memory of 2 friends they'd lost to cancer.  I hope you can zoom in and look at all the detail.

Here's a couple of close-ups

This is the group present that Myra, myself and Carol made for our friends Emma and Frank's Golden wedding anniversary.  I did the piecing, Myra did the tiny blanket stitching and Carol did most of the quilting.  It was a fabulous party for them both.

A close up for you

Carol, Emma and I at the wedding anniversary.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Photos etc when I get home tonight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ooohhh ahhhhh

I've been a show off the last 24 hours.  My new baby, my Jones sewing machine arrived yesterday.  It is beeeeuuuutiful!!  1906 era but it is perfect, there is no rust, the engraving is still perfect.  It has all the feet, bobbins with a little felt case to hold them.  My friends are all envious when they see these photos. 

A work of Art!

From the back.. amazingly intact but over 100 years old

No rust!

The case is a work of art on its own.
there's a few scratches but nothing a polish won't fix.

"As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra"

The shuttle bobbins so tiny and wrapped in a hand embroidered piece of felt.

The screwdriver, scissors and needles 1 pound 60p
All the feet included
This is a beautiful gift from my dear friend Myra, who's been my inspiration and confidante for many years.  I will treasure this gift forever and covet it dearly but I would also give it away for $1 if someone had a cure for Cancer that would save Myra's life!!  We're going to grow old together in a sewing studio/semi detached unit so we can sew to our hearts content on our own or with friends calling in and we can watch Emmerdale Farm and go to the best quilting shops to window shop haha and have scooter races to the library. (whoops I should add watch rugby!!

I reckon we still will, Cancer can't cope with someone who has guts, determination and an excellent attitude... that's Myra.   See you Thursday my friend.  Nearly one sleep left haha. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fathers Day

1937 My Dad.  18 months old?
Tomorrow in New Zealand is Fathers Day, the first Sunday in September.  It's the day for all Dad's, usually a family gathering or cards in the post. I remember when I was little we'd get 6pence to go and buy a present for Dad, well often he got 4 hankies and 4 combs or liquorice allsorts haha.  But we loved our Dad immensely and he did us.  We had a wonderful childhood though there weren't many Christmas Days when Dad was home to see us unwrap our presents from Santa.  Dad was a tanker driver then and the milk still had to be picked up.  Thought this week I'd share some photos of my childhood and my Dad.
19 55  Dad was in the Salvation Army band for many years.  He's the tall guy in the back row.
1957  My Dad with me.  I was a long way up believe me.

1968 My Dad, the big strong man who lifted a guy on each shoulder at times, loved growing gladioli's and dahlias and entered them in shows around the area.  (That's my little sister in the background). You would always find him in the garden after work.  When he retired it was roses he got into.  At one stage 199 roses were on the 1/4 acre property.

1995 Dad's 60th birthday was "This is Your Life Lester Jones".  Because he grew Gladioli's we made him Dame Edna's glasses and he threw gladioli's to the guests while the grandchildren sang "Granddad, Granddad, Lovely.. that's what we all think of you"...
2002  Mum wore the badge "Madge" at Dad's 60th.  Now you know why.  On the left is my son.  .
    1993 When we were raising money for my daughters liver transplant Dad organised a group of people to walk 35 kms for sponsorship.  Dad alone raised $35,000.  This is the day Annette and I arrived back from Brisbane.  Dad was my kids Dad too.  He was so proud of everyone.
    1995  Dad, with his first great grandson George who is nearly 16 years old now.
    "How did this happen"  haha.. Look at those big hands...
    2007 And Dad with his last great grandson Alex who is now 6.  I'm not sure who was taking who for a walk.  haha

    Taken on Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary in 2005 ,
I don't know how Rest In Peace works because our family think of him everyday and I know he is with us when we need him.  So apart from freedom from his pain and disability, he won't be getting any peace!!  He'll be up there in Heaven keeping everyone happy and laughing and telling his mates about All Blacks, Roses, Family and his faith.  Love you Dad xox