Monday, May 31, 2010

Boo Boo's and Belly Rolls

Yesterday's post was a little "feeling sorry for myself" and I know there are others a whole lot colder than we are in New Zealand so I do apologise!!  I have actually turned on the oil column heater (will have to sell my fabric on Trade Me to pay the bill haha) so at least my bedroom is warm at night now!! 

Last night I cut off 10" strips from about 20 of my batik fabrics to give to my sister on her birthday this weekend.. (hmm there is still a bit left!!??).... My sister is the one of the TWO best sisters in my World and I'm glad (but they're my batiks owwww) yeah, I'm very glad to share with her.  Anyway I have to live till 150 to use all my fabric 

I've folded them in half lengthwise and made a big jelly rolll... maybe it's a Belly Roll!!  I think I can spare one of them...    or two..

Off to my warm bed in my warm bedroom now to watch B and S! 


Barb said...

Can I be your sister>>HA!! Love the rolls...what a nice gift...stay warm!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

It is wet and cold up here too and can be a problem getting clothes dry. I have a clothes horse and a line in under the house which is full. That is a nice gift for R and please wish her a happy birthday from me.
Have a good week


Sue McGettigan said...

Oh I LOVE batiks - what a great gift (and you still get to play with the selvages!).