Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm only here for 10 minutes .. discipline.. discipline.. hehe.. Had to check my emails and my selveges are on their way from USA.   woohoo... Karen Griska couldn't believe how excited I am.. nuts yeah but isn't that what addiction does to you???  Luckily there's treatment coming up at a retreat soon.  I can only afford one day .. at this stage.  Mental note to myself - buy a mothers day lotto.. maybe I'm on a winning streak.

Have a look at  She's been recycling rubbish and made a gorgeous little box/card thingy.. so clever.. I've been thinking that a 'Womble party" would be good for a group.. everyone brings their 'rubbish' and put it in one place.  then all the group can pick out 3 or 4 things, someone takes a photo of what they've taken, and they have to make something out of it for the next get together.  What fun!

When I was back in PN I suggested a UFO Challenge.  Members had to bring to the meeting a UFO that was older than a year to show.  Not knowing that we were going to give them a challenge to FINISH it in 4 months.  I believe there were several that got finished except me.. I left town!!!  Haha one way of getting away with it huh. 

Well I'm out of here again.  After 14th I'll be able to put up photos of my challenges but it's all secret stuff till then.  Take care everyone and if I haven't left a message on your blog it's not because I haven't been peeking.. I sure have.. no I haven't.. well I haven't been here.. you can't see me ... really you can't!!!!  hehe

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