Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tote and Gloat 2010

True Colours
I went to Tote and Gloat yesterday in Palmerston North.  It is a feast of quilts and arty stuff that quilters make!!  Once again too many ideas and not enough time but it's so inspiring to see what can be done.  The challenge was to make a quilt inspired by Music or the name of a song. 

Beethoven's 5th symphony.. 'Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

Little Boxes

Have a look at my friend Tizart's blog as she won a prize for her entry too.  There were a lot of other entries.. this is just a few.  I couldn't think of anything... maybe I didn't think hard enough but when I saw what had been entered they were so amazing.

Here's a few others I really liked that were on show.

I took some of my quilts up.. one's that I'd given away but borrowed back for showing.

My Favourite Things made for my late Aunty Shirley includes photos of her favourite things at home.  She had gone to live in a rest home because of ill health but died 3 weeks after the quilt was finished.

Uncle Doug's Goldfish made for his 80th birthday last year.
Have a look over at The Hectic Electic.. there's a neat giveaway to all the bakers out there.. Mrs C is wanting to boost her followers and given away things to make cupcakes.  Mrs C's blog is always interesting.  She is a very talented lady and currently making replica's of old dresses seen in museums.  So sign up to be a follower and go into the drawer.

This post is written in a hurry as I am up to quilting my challenge entry.  I started this afternoon, spent an hour on it and then an hour plus to unpick it .. tried putting invisible thread in the bobbin but it pulled it in too tight.  I am not a quilter .. dumb as... but must keep going.  The quilt is gorgeous if I do say so myself but a lot to do this week. 

Sadly I seem to have an infection in my eyes - one eye is worse than the other??? , Not sore but it keeps jumping and they feel like there's grit in them but I hasn't cleared up despite rinsing them.  Wondering if it's hayfever or something?  May have to go to the Dr this it's getting frustrating.  Back to the quilt..have a great week in case I don't get time to visit again,.


tizart said...

Hi! We must have the same tastes in quilts, I also took photo's of the ones you have. It sure was a great day, I was very tired last night and had to have an early night. I found a piece of patchwork in my studio which should be thrown out. But I thought I might try painting it and see what happens.
Happy Quilting Tizart.

Barb said...

Thanks for showing all of those quilts, some were quite interesting.