Saturday, May 8, 2010

100 lines

I need to write 100 lines.. " I must not leave things till the last minute".. haha.. Nothing is going as I had imagined with my bra bags so I'm off to the Warehouse to find another cheap bra and that 'll be it.  I only have 24 hours so if it doesn't work this time that's it... hehe..

Jobs for today

A label for my Quilt
A bag for each of my quilts that may or may not be shown
finish the Sunbonnet Sue swap block (oooohhh you know why I've been putting it off)!*
finish a bra bag, at least one...

Washing done
Dishes done
Vacummning can wait

Crappy overcast day outside so I can sit in here by the heater and BLOB! 


Chris H said...

Ha last-minute-itis... yep I have that too!
A bra bag????

MrsC said...

Oh I feel your pain! Open Home this afternoon and the house looks like autumn has come early - bits of leaves everywhere. I've decided to just sew labels onto some reusable shopping bags rather than make special bags for my quilts so that's something. And I got bra bag done at last. Just the hanging rods to cut and finish off ends of. I've never done any of this before so I hope I'm doing it right! Wroth it though eh, it will be great fun next weekend. I'm making butterfly cupcakes for the cafe to celebrate xo