Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shhhh don't tell me off!!

I'm only on the net for a quick check on emails etc so don't growl at me.. I really shouldn't be here.  BUT HEY I'VE HAD A FABULOUS SURPRISE TONIGHT.. I checked the lovely Karen Griska's blog "The Selvege Blog" and I've won a pack of selveges from her.  Woohoo, wicked.. dancing for joy!!!  This place has been lucky for me, I've never won so much in my life as I have since I moved here.  

 I LUVVVVV SELVEGES.. ADORE THEM.. PLAY WITH THEM OFTEN.  They are so interesting.. the names.. the colours.. the number arrangement be it dots, squares or otherwise.. and I really really really love the misprints. Friends send me parcels of them and I get so excited - I am such a nutta huh!! I procrastinate about using the special ones but I'll tell you a secret... shhhhh   We have to make a bag out of a bra for our Club exhibition and I'm using some special selveges.... shhhhhh .

Thank you for all your messages last night.  I went to the optician and I have an allergy in my eyes which is what is aggravating them and making me extra sensitive to light!! Phew, I thought I was a hypercondriac (hmm??? not sure bout the spelling).  So drops for a week and hopefully it will clear up. 

Making great progress on my challenge quilt.  Done 95% of the quilting and sewed the binding on at work today.  (and so lucky I had needle and thread at work.  One of the solicitors split her skirt so good old me was able to tack it up for her.)  My good deed for the day.  So feeling good about deadlines.  Sewing tomorrow night at a friends house and I still have until Sunday 4pm to hand them in. 

Next week I need to make a calico as the Club are going to use my quilt frame for the exhibition.  And my neighbours are expecting a brand new grandson soon so I think I'll make them a play quilt to have at there house when he visits. 

Right my two minutes in here is up and I'm back to my sewing machine. 

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Chris H said...

Congrats of the win!