Monday, May 3, 2010

Another giveaway

Look at this beautiful collage.  Rebecca is offering it as a prize to celebrate the opening of her new internet shop.  And you can send your own photos and she will make it especially for you.  What a fun thing to make.  OHHHHHH I DON'T HAVE TIME... So go and have a look and be in to win... or don't .. then I have more of a chance hehe..

I rang the NEW Doctor in the Hutt this morning to make an appointment.  I filled out an application in early March and sent it in.  They opened on April 1st.   Today they said they have lost my application however they had sent me a letter acknowledging it and I checked with my old Dr who had a request for my file and has sent it to them.  So where is it????

Now I have to fill in another application and hope like heck they find my file there somewhere, AND I won't be able to get an appointment until the end of the week at the earliest!! 

So tomorrow I'm going to the optician to get him to check my eye/s.  There is certainly some bug in one of them, it's the wrong time of year for hayfever.  And it's getting hard to see when it's sore.  I feel sick too.. not sick enough to eat but I don't feel SICK at any time.

Okay, and now you can't see me.  I'm outa here and back to my quilting.  I've nearly finished quilting my challenge project and so will do that tonight, sew the binding on and then I can handsew at work.  And I am so keen to start the next challenge.. a bag from a bra!   I have two really neat ideas.. will I get two done???? All entries have to be handed in by 4pm on Sunday... eeekk..

Later my friends.  Hope you are all well.  Had a quick peek through your posts. 


MrsC said...

Eek! We missed you last night but I had a feeling you wanted to work on your challenge quilt and not give the game away to anyone :) I got sleeves sewn on my quilts, first time ever! What a palaver! hehehe. And I've got to finsh my bra challenge too but no way was I taking that! ;-)

kiwicarole said...

I hope they find your file Karen! That sure is annoying! Hope you get your eyes sorted too, you want to see what you're sewing! lol
Happy Tuesday!

highwaycottage said...

Hope you are better soon Karen.