Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions.. birthdays

June.. A month of birthdays and heaps of presents to buy...My sister R is 7 June and me 2 days later, then my grandson turns 5 and the same night in Hawkes Bay I have my friend's 60th to go to .  My little sister is on 9 July !!!  I've spent the last hour looking for ideas on the net as making presents can be so much cheaper and I know the girls will appreciate them.

So Sister R is a quilter.. I've decided to cut jelly roll strips of my collection of batik fabrics... oohhhhh thats so hard.. I'll give them to her as is, she doesn't get to see Milton Wright where she lives haha.   Was going to make her an apron for sewing but means I have to buy fabric!! 

Sister No 2 in July will be easy.  I will make her a knitting bag and a funky 'going out to the ballet' bag as she's often said she'd like one just big enough for ticket, phone and the back door key!!

Alex's 5th birthday.. not long to make a quilt but... thinking thinking....

Friends 60th.. a funky wallhanging would go down well. Like a Chrissy Shead design with lots of arty farty things sewn under black mesh or something..

Yesterday I had to admit defeat and take my washing to the laundromat.  Some of it had been hanging on the line all week in constant rain...the clothes horse inside (which sits on the table for lack of space) and my shower curtain rail have been covered in clothes..... Well, there are only about 7 towels, knickers, track pants and a couple of pj's.  $25.00 poorer!!!.. Woah... thinking I need to move ... this house has no shelter, the hot water cupboard is useless, high ceilings, no carpet  and no heating so my gas heater doesn't do much in the current freezing temperatures we're having.   And the Landlord.. well.. not interested.. he just wants to be paid!!

Whats good about this house.. the neighbourhood is quiet, no parties, a cul de sac so very little traffic.  My nieghbours are the best!!  In summer when the sun's out the front rooms and my bedroom are lovely.  Washing gets dry and the house is insulated top and bottom so no carpet doesn't worry me in Summer!  It's big enough for me and my sewing fetish too! 

Decisions, decisions  I have two months until my lease runs out...
Oh I hate being a single girl sometimes...
I wish my Mum or my Dad would do it for me like they did in the old days... (Bless you Dad I know you would if you could!!) x o x

I'd better go and start cutting and creating. .. it'll warm me up.. hehe..

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