Friday, January 2, 2009

Work in Progress

It is happening. I've yet to work out the order of the blocks but have been playing to see how many more to do!

A friend told me about this neat Kaleidoscope site where you can change your photos into a kaleidoscope Take a look, might keep the kids happy too.
9pm I'm making progress though have been a bit sidetracked today. Will only need to sew the rest of the strips together and then decide on a border. I'm thinking of a green border on two sides with the word Hydrangeas appliqued on. Maybe a 'paint chart' of the colours too.
My friend Carol came home today from their holiday to Fiji. Sounds like she had wonderful time though glad to be home. I am glad too
Time to quit tonight and tidy up a bit. My neck and shoulders get a bit sore after too much sewing. Might even try and find a pattern for my next quilt. I found some gorgeous tho unusual fabric in Arthur Toye's sale yesterday. At $5 metre I couldn't resist it.
Bad girl!
AS for the weight loss I think my scales might be stuck. I'm the same weight I was on Monday.. and I have been good?

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swooze said...

That looks lovely. Reminds one of a garden path.