Monday, January 19, 2009

My sewing room

Where have I been? Totally immersed in fabric, patterns, rubbish, more fabric and more fabric and not to forget magazines. I have folded and refolded all my fabrics and cut off most selveges (thanks to selvege blogspot.. gosh I am such a sucker for creative ideas.. now to start the quilt?)Cameron, No 2 grandson was here yesterday when I found these blocks. I bought them at a Club Suitcase Sale so Cameron laid them out and desighed a quilt so now all I have to do is put it together.

But I am nearly 90% organised in my sewing room, give or take a collection of 'things' on the bed and my desk and even in my bedroom now waiting to go into my 'craft' cupboard.. So now this mess

and this mess........

are tidy again. I've hung up my display wall (goold old fluffy backed plastic tablecloth ($6)

My Horn Cutting table is on wheels so can be easily moved around. The unit in the corner is actually a cupboard and I've taken the door off which now forms the bench on top of the cheap Warehouse $10 shelves. Need a bit of tidying up here yet but tv fits perfectly. I've folded all my metre pieces to fit lengthwise on the shelves.
My drawers however are overflowing...
I'm thinking they are too FULL! so I'm now going to have a look for a shelf to put up above the mirror to hold storage boxes

such as
They're plastic shoe boxes from Payless Plastics and on special they are 10 for $28.00. They have holes in both sides for ventilation and double ended openings. So far I've bought two (they were'nt on special) and one has black and white fabrics, the other my black and gold collection. But I'll get more for eye spy, spots, charm squares etc etc and they could easily fit on the shelf. Where is that man in my life when I want one????

Maybe I put him away somewhere safe in my sewing room..... or I ignored him too much ... must find one in the future.. could be useful to have a man in my life!!

More photos when I finish the other side but for now I'm off to town with a friend to the Spotlight sale... WHY? Actually I'll be looking for fabric for my Saturday sewing group. What I buy may be a different story.

and this

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Betweens said...

kayjay everything looks wonderfully have one problem once you start with another project everything will explode and be the same way!! take it from experience...after each project I have to "redo" the sewing room and start all over...enjoy it while it lasts