Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to get organised

My drawers arrived today. A real bargain for $65. They are just like brand new, maybe a few years ago. I reckon I'll get quite a bit of fabric in them which will give me more room in my sewing room.

I had an email from my friend Myra today. Myra got me into quilting about four years ago and she's the one who's responsible for my addiction!!!! Haha. We're going to swap 2 1/2 inch strips between ourselves, 10 at a time.

40 will make a quilt so this should be fun. I haven't seen Myra since I moved down here in 2005 and she's going to come to our local Quilt Show in May. Yes, I can't wait to see her and talk quilts etc etc all weekend. Oh, and I'll have to show her around the fabric shops of course.. hehe.

Nothing achieved on my UFO tonight. Going to the movies tomorrow after work with my friend Robyn. Probably see Australia, the movie.
Thursday night is a get-together of our club committee. Our friend has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and has to have chemo for 3 months before surgery. This is so sad and reminds us all how vulnerable we all are.

On the good front, my Uncle has been given great news by his surgeon today. The cancer levels in his blood are low and have reduced considerably since his surgery. An xray on Saturday will show whether his lung cancer has grown or not so fingers crossed it hasn't. I am so thrilled for him, for all of us. I can't imagine losing him as well. He's a really great mate.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll sew more tomorrow, It's only a day away!!" Don't try and imagine me singing.. you can't! Haha. Nite everyone

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Chris H said...

I'm glad you Uncle's cancer is in remission right now, but PLEASE Karen don't go getting your hopes up. Lung Cancer ALWAYS kills ... I'm sorry to say. My girlfriend Chris's hubby died of it just recently after being told he was in remission too.