Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday - roll on Friday

Wow, I've just been to our Club tonight and oh am I ever envious of some of the ladies who can stay at home and sew at whim. Our speaker had endless quilts, with dyed fabrics, applique, tried and true innovations..some were very large bed quilts. I wish I'd taken my camera but do I need any more IDEAS?? Definitely too many days between Monday and Friday.

I want to introduce you to Carolyn designs the most incredible and beautiful one of a kind teddy bears. The ideal gift for a special child or a big kid even. But Carolyn has a special place in my life because we grew up together, right next door till I was 16 and left home. She was always knitting or sewing and making things as a child. And she hasn't stopped! I last saw Carolyn around 20 years ago (well Tauranga is a long way for a country girl) but I still remember our childhood. It is such a long time since we were kids and went swimming with her Mum at the pool across the road, bike rides and building huts down by the river and yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. Go and have a look at Aunt Hyacinth and Preston Bear - they are just adorable - keepsakes.

When you've had a brush with a health problem you start to remember the little things in life so much more vividly. Everything is so beautiful, you see things you've not noticed before and yet you've seen them everyday! And you realise how lucky you are to have had those people who've put footprints on the sand of your life.

Tomorrow I need to make a friends birthday present and get it off to Australia, Wednesday I'm going to my friends home again to continue on our allotment quilts, Thursday a committee meeting and Friday my two eldest grandsons arrive for two days. And then back to work on Monday. Oh well, I love being a Nan so it's two days of pride and joy, cuddles and laughs.
On that note, I should be in bed catching up on some sleep before they come. Night all.


Chris H said...

I agree, things do look more beautiful after having health issues! I know I didn't even mind seeing snow and hail in Palmerston North right after I came out of hospital last July! lol, and I HATE being cold!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Karen, many thanks for making mention of me, on your blog.
That is very sweet of you.