Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shoes - who cares about shoes!

I've just picked up 10 of the plastic shoe boxes for $28 NZ and I'm putting some of my fabric collections in them so I can store more fabric on my shelves. It's such a beautiful day over here in Palmerston North though I am too nauseous to enjoy it much. I used to feel sick only during the night and mornings (no chance of being pregnant haha) but now it's lasting all day and worse after I've eaten. But never fear, I've received the letter from the Hospital and my colonoscopy is now only 'semi urgent' and no date available yet haha. Oh well, life goes on. I will go and get some more drugs from the Dr to stop me feeling so uck. (Mind you it doesn't stop me eating altogether!)

On a positive side I have kept doing ... it helps pass the time. This is my scrappy floral quilt so far. I finished sewing the pieces at the weekend and now just have to put it all together. Very busy isn't it???


donna said...

nice scrappy quilt kayjay :)
I have popped the selvedges in the post today for you so hope they dont take too long
enjoy them. Cutting them actually made me tidy my stash lol way too much fabrics must make some quilts hehehehe

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Love the quilt, so bright, colourful and busy.

Sorry to hear that you are not felling well and I hope that you can get it sorted - you have been through too much already.

Yes, your shoe storage boxes will come in handy and
will be good to organise your stash.

have a good weekend and look after yourself.