Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two is Enough

This weekend I've had my two eldest grandsons to stay. 13 and nearly 9. What an age difference! I'm stuffed already keeping up with them. Last night we spent nearly 3 hours at the Esplanade park. A really neat place for kids with flying fox, swings, hoops, slides, heaps of things to keep them entertained. Today it was 3 hours at the pool and they really enjoyed themselves. We had a barbeque for dinner and back to the park. As much as I love them to bits they are much easier one at a time... haha. I must go to the Esplanade more often though. It is all of 1 km away from my home but I only go there when the kids are home. It is so beautiful and serene, lots of colour this time of the year and very busy, although peaceful with the trees and the bush walks.

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Chris H said...

The photo of the boys on the spinning barrels almost made me homesick...ALMOST! lol