Sunday, January 4, 2009

Up to the final border/s

Okay, one top nearly finished.. but what to do next - Have put a think pink border around, now do I put another thin one in another colour Or do I put a skinny green (I know this green doesn't match but it's all I've got at home) with or without the hydrangea borderOr do I put hydrangeas around the outside... Or just the hydrangea

Or something else

Procrastinating.. I said I wouldn't do that anymore??

I've decided to enter another challenge. It's to be inspired by a postage stamp. Have to have the photo in Wellington by 14 January. Yeah, well that's nothing new for me. I've found a stamp with a gorgeous duck on it so now to build a nest!!!


Chris H said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hydrangeas! And I think a purple border next... not more hydrangeas.... but then what do I know! lol

Chris H said...

Glad you liked my idea... make it a wide border! Then you 'could' cut out some individual hydrangeas and applique them on the top, but not too many? Whatever! I know I am starting to get excited about doing another something with my new machine! I want a new duvet cover for our bed and can't find anything I like... maybe I can make it? hmmmmm....

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Aren't you the clever one!

I love your quilt, the colours are beautiful and as for hydrangeas - I think they are the best.
They do so well up here and I went out and bought some the other day.
I just now need to plant them when we have a rainy day.