Sunday, January 11, 2009

A doing Day

Another weekend gone.. They don't go far. Yesterday I went to see my Mum who got home from a Christmas holiday. She is really strong and coping well on her own. It was my Dad's birthday on Friday and my sister's and I were concerned she'd be upset but she was busy all day. Good on her I reckon. My little sister went to the supermarket on Friday, bought some gladioli's (Dad used to grow and show them) and on the walk home she passed a bar that was playing "Long Tall Lanky Jones".. Our Dad's song. She said the flowers didn't need water when she got home.

After amazing hot temperature's for the last few weeks, today's been very cold and overcast. But I did manage to hang a couple more of my quilts on the clothesline and take photos. This is for George (my 13 year old grandson) and is now ready to go to the quilter. Roses - I have put the border on but might quilt this myself as it's just for me. I made this one a couple of years ago but haven't quilted it yet. It's called "Don't Cut Me Up" by Jacqui Karl in Kimbolton. She designs the most gorgeous quilts and this was my one and only kitset I've bought so far.

The wind was blowing a little when I took the photos and the sun wasn't shining. I'd better do something with this one while I still have little people in the family. My granddaughter will be 5 in March and Alex 4 in June.


Chris H said...

Beautiful! The last one is more 'ME' ... amazing colours. WEll done chick.

Erilyn said...

You know that I'll help you quilt the Roses one - well more like give advice and encouragement, eh?