Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Hearts Little Hearts

Like they say you have to live each day because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. My big girl is in hospital tonight. She had another heart episode today. Nette suffers from Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome but until recently it only affected her once in several months. The trouble with WPWS is it will strike and dissappear. The only way we found out about it was when she was called into hospital for her liver transplant and they did the ECG. She had had many ECG's before that but it never showed up. Luckily it did that night because the Head Cardiologist attended the operation. I'm sure she's going to be okay. I wish there was some medication she could take but unfortunately the drugs they can use affect her anti-rejection drugs for her liver.

So my little man, Cam arrived at 5pm to stay with his Nan for a few hours. He's such a joy to have around and so easy to keep amused. Even loves playing with my fabric and designing quilts! Tonight he had scissors and fabric, happily playing at the table for awhile and he had made this.. he'd made one for his Mum too. Cam is nearly 9 but he is such a loving kid. He melts my heart big time!
UPDATE - This morning I went up to see my girl and she was very distressed with pain, but they'd just done an ECG and it was okay. They had stabilised her heart last night with drugs. The Cardiologist was called and she had the diagnosis in five minutes. Turns out she has some Syndrome that is like arthritis in the chest bones. Causes a lot of pain every now and again very much like a heart attack. The irregular heart beat yesterday was just 'normal' but obviously worrying enough since she's been diagnosed with WPWS. Huge relief. She'll go home later today and rest for a few days. She'll live to be a hundred I reckon.


donna said...

glad your daughter is ok its very worrying isnt it my daughter has a lupis blood disorder we have had a few worrying years but fingers crossed she is ok now with medication

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I was so sorry to hear about Annette,
she has had such a rough time.
I hope that the Doctors will be able to help her and get things right for her.
Such a worry for you all.

Your little Grandson must be so cute and what a lovely letter he wrote to his Nana.

My thoughts are with you all Karen and I hope that Annette can get the help she needs.


Chris H said...

Hells bells you sure have lots to worry about! I'm sad your daughter is not well... but mate, she's beautiful! And looks like her Mum!