Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why Moan

Yeap, it's still crap weather in the Hutt. Absolutely teaming down and icy cold today. I've been in to see my sister in Welly and it was warmer in there! But now I'm back home and I'm in heaven.. doing what??

I have the gorgeous Josh Groban playing on my dvd player, loud too but he is just an incredible singer and an amazing musician. I adore his talent and his music.. and he is GORGEOUS!! I've got a little weeny roast pork in the oven and I've moved my cutting table out into the lounge by the heater, my fluffy boot slippers on and I'm in heaven... so who cares about the rain!!!

This is my on and on project called Maths Lesson that I'm working on. It's using up the tiniest scraps (smallest 1 1/2 inch squares) of my batiks.. can't bear to waste them.. So last night and today it's a mindless job that I can cut up more scraps.. Tomorrow I'm going to a sew-in at the local guild and I plan to start quilting my flowery UFO.. and I'll take these to sew together when I'm tired of quilting.

We just had an earthquake 6.05pm .. a real doozy. Earthquakes are awful.. you sit and wait for the next one.... I was in Dannevirke in the Mothers Day earthquake.. that was frightening enough.

PS No more earthquakes. It was only 4.8 but centred close to Wellington.
And I've won a prize. I entered a name the calf competition at Highway Cottage blog >>>>over there and I won. I named her Greycie, because she's a Murray Grey, so will turn grey as she gets older and she's from Greytown area. And my childhood neighbour was Gracie, her birthday was the same day as mine and Gracie and Greycie are both lovely. I think calves are gorgeous anyway.

This is Wicked, I got to choose a prize from quilts, chocolates, wool and NZ fabrics... that was hard.. chocolates oh yummmy but I've chosen NZ fabrics so I can replenish my stash before my sister goes back to Israel next year. I will be able to make some more souvenirs for her to take and give away. I stumbled across this blog and I am so happy I did. Now I can watch Greycie grow!

Don't forget to leave a comment to enter my prize give away. It closes tomorrow night and will be drawn Monday at work. this was for my 100th blog that crept up on me!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

That sounds like the perfect day, listening to music, been cozy with the heater and eating some good food.

Well done for winning the giveaway and I love the name you choose for her. Enjoy your Sunday.


lesthook said...

It's too warm here. I actually changed into a pair of shorts earlier,LOL!

Chris H said...

OOO I love earthquakes! I know, I'm weird.
That was the best part about living in Palmy, the earthquakes!
I already entered your Giveaway didnt' I?