Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day"!!
Like NEVER!!

Slippers on again, trip to town cancelled, heater on, Andre Rieu DVD and more sewing.

Visitors tonight for dinner... eek.. but I have found a recipe that is easy and yummy.. Leek and Bacon Tart.. it is so nice... was going to have salad but maybe I'll do some roasties instead since it's cold. Dessert.. maybe a peach crumble.. simple but nice! (Oh that's what I need to go to town for... ) Later.

Here's the progress so far on the batik scrappy. Last night I rang my Uncle and while we're talking I shuffled them around..... sat down... reorganised... excellent ... I'm sure I'll do a bit more before it's finished. It doesn't look quite so bright now!

So back to my sewing room.. Vacumn and cooking this avo.
see you all later!


Chris H said...

Showers here... a bit cold.
Stew's idea was only to fit the strap to the inside of the bag, not the outside! I had planned on putting two straps on but we decided one at either end was better looking, as I had made the straps quite wide... 2 looks too much!
I know they are not my colours, but I really do love it! I'm sure my Mum will too, I am giving it to her before one of my girls "bagg's" it!

Have a nice day sewing... I can't do much today... family time has to be fitted in somewhere eh?

Helen said...

Hi Karen

Humblest apologies for not immediately replying to your email last week asking if I was still 'around':-) I have been rather busy but now I am back on track and should be blogging a bit more regularly than once every 6 weeks!. I absolutely love your scrappy batik. It is really zingy!

And yes, the weather is c**p, c**p, and more c**p! It is halfway through October already!!

Helen said...


Leek and bacon tart sounds yummy. Care to share??