Monday, October 26, 2009

The Little Things in Life

What a FABULOUS weekend it's been here weatherwise. Wow, I've got washing dry, I've had windows open , the sun has been shining for most of the last three days. It's been a holiday today in New Zealand and I'm sad it's over!!! We've had so much rain and cold weather, the sun always makes me feel happy and motivated.

Today I had my neighbours over for a cup of coffee and 3 hours later they went home!
We talked and talked. It was really neat to get to know them better. they want me to stay here forever!! Middle aged, single and quiet has to be better than flatmates, booze and parties huh!
We watched two tui's in the camelia tree just outside the lounge window. They come every day but usually late morning, or in the afternoon. I think they are getting the nectar out of the flowers so I will miss them when they stop coming. Their colours are so beautiful. Often they will sit on a branch and look at the window. I have tried to take a photo but they are too fast.

The roses in my front garden are in bud, and my rose "In loving memory" is growing well. There are no buds yet but fingers crossed. Mum was given this rose when my Dad died but the rose sulked for weeks and I thought it was going to die too. But I bought it with me and it's survived.
I've made progress on my scrappy quilt. I could have got carried away on it tonight. I had laid out the last 15 blocks... all ready to chain piece, had them all stacked ready to go and I knocked them off the desk. (something tells me I didn't need to do any more sewing tonight... everything in moderation.
Here they are all sorted out again!

I've worked out the pattern for my bag... just have to wait for more hands now (my friends' hands in fabric that is). I will make some 'little' bear paw blocks tomorrow to go around the top of the bag. Bear Paw is the clubs logo block. And the words Hand of Friendship are also on logo. It's a challenge.. to make a bag with their logo on front!! It's the little label in the front of the photo.
Four more sleeps and I'm off to Palmy to see my friend Carol and then to watch my daughters play. Nette, Mum and I will go out for dinner first and then to the show. I was in my daughter's first two plays she directed about . Steel Magnolias - made famous by Dolly Parton, and Social Climbers, a Roger Hall play. I loved the experience. It gave me a lot of self esteem, pride and strength. In fact I'm really happy acting - it's easy compared to being myself in front of others!. I know this play is going to be a success .. I think this is No 4 for Nette and I am so proud of her!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Lovely post and you have had a good weekend. The weather was nice here, but today we have rain.
We have had a lot of Tuis around too, especially now that we do not have a cat. They come and sit on the deck railings. I must put some sugar water out for them.
I think they are nesting in a tree nearby. Your quilt is lovely.

Have a great week