Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parcels in the Post

Yummy I got a present today. A while ago I won a prize for naming a calf 'Greycie' on Highway Cottage blog and I chose NZ fat quarters. here they are.. Tui's and my favourite design that I used in George's quilt for the sashings. I don't have much left so it's really great to have more of it. They go really well together. I can use them next year to make pressie's for my sister to take overseas again.
Off to Steph's tonight.. it's Wednesday and we sew but I'm not sure if I should be. My shoulders and neck are so sore today. Work is the pits. I wish I wasn't on the computer all day... even though I take breaks there's no end to it.
Two more sleeps and I'm off to Palmy... home.... friends... fun... can't wait!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Love the Tui fabric and well done winning this and naming the Cow.
Sorry to hear that you have sore shoulders. Have you had any phsyio or used something like Voltaren?
Have a fabulous weekend in Palmerston and enjoy catching up with your family and friends.


Helen said...

Hi Karen

I made the leek and bacon tart for dinner the other night. I don't think I put enough liquid with it 'cos it was a little on the dry side but it tasted wonderful. I will definitely try it again. have a great weekend in Palmy.

Nanci said...

I sew with a Janome 6000 and it is in it's own table. No more back aches for me. Not computer related I know but none of those aches are funa s we get older.
Enjoy your vacation..