Friday, October 16, 2009

A lovely surprise

I worked late tonight but while I was there a text arrived from my dear friend Louise from Dannevirke. She wsas in Wellington for the night so I drove into the hotel where they were staying and I had a beautiful dinner with her. /first it was breads with dipping oils and spreads.. a beautiful salmon spread and a beetrood spread.. very pink ,very easy to spread and very moreous. I had lamb bamp with baby leeks, Free too which was wonderful and thank you Louise for thinknig of me. She's going to check in on the blog from time to time now.

But the worst news.. more restructuring. And yes it will affect our departments we've been told. so time will tell.. here we go again....


Nanci said...

Always good to get free grub. I love your bright quilt1 I almost put on sunglasses for it...funny girl!
Hope the restructure doesn't affect your possition though.

Helen said...

Oh. no, this is NOT what you need!