Monday, October 5, 2009

Freezing in October???

Yes, it is FEERRRRRRREEEZING here today. Even at work I have been frozen today. My feet are numb. I ventured outside at lunchtime to return my library books and quickly went back in again. There's no snow in Wellington but I can feel it in the air. Must be up on the Rumataka's today. The only things for me tonight are my big woolly slippers and the heater.. on two bars.. how extravagent!!

I think it is everywhere so where ever you are stay warm.

No time to ponder tonight. It is so close to Christmas and I have to work out my budget.. gross what a word but life down here in the big smoke is so expensive.. at least $140 extra a fortnight just on rent. I'm too scrooge to buy a lotto ticket so it's just hard work and going without to make ends meet and keep some in the bank.

Back to it. Times like this I really hate being single and I miss life in Palmy, my friends, familiar places... but not work... no definitely not the workplace! The environment down here is much nicer. Oh well, that's the price one pays. Now do I have a garage sale or get a second job... hmmmmm


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Freezing up here too, and yes, my feet have been cold too.
I took my overcoat in to be drycleaned as I thought Winter was all over.

Stay warm

Chris H said...

It's even a bit colder here too! I had to put a cardy on when I was outside tonight! Nice and warm inside though.
Bummer about being short on cash... we have that problem often! Especially since I spent all our money on a new car!