Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm easily pleased

Guess where I've been at lunchtime today. Yes, I love the library. And the Hutt library is fantastic. They have so many different patchwork and craft magazines and a large variety of books on patchwork etc. There's a gorgeous book of Japanese patterns .. really arty ones similar to what my clever friend at Diet Coke Rocks does. Hmmmmm (Oh and by the way My friend Chris DCR has been blogging for 3 years, not 300 posts.. check out her giveaway... It's fantastic.) And mine too for my 100 post!!

I'm tempted even to start reading again.. used to love the old Catherine Cookson, Maeve Binchy type novels... the old english countryside or autobiographies. Some nights it would be perfect to read a novel when I'm tired after work??? I've found this gorgeous picture in one of the mags.. now to figure out how it was done.
But for tonight, it's Coronation Street, Outrageous Fortune and flick through these mags. And an earlyish night as I've still got a bit of a head cold... comes with the job at the moment!

Oh and the sun is out in Welly but still chilly. So I've done a load of washing to hang up tomorrow. Haha it will no doubt rain again now!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. See my post on Friday October 2nd. I'll be drawing the name out on Monday at work. So just leave a comment on here and every comment since Monday will go in the drawer.


Chris H said...

That is a Convergence quilt...
I can see how they have done it too!
They have joined 4 fat quarters together to form a square... and done that 4 times.... so used 16 fat quarters to make 4 big squares... THEN converged them all together!
Awesome! I am going to do that now!

Get a copy of the Ricky Timms Convergence Quilt pattern. Once you've done one its simple.

Chris H said...

Nah, I take that back... it's 4 seperate convergence blocks joined together.
Even easier.

so, 4 fat quarters converged together into one block... then sewn to another one of different materials...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that you have a cold, it is the weather I think.
Do look after yourself and enjoy your magazines.


SandyQuilts said...

Ricky timm's Convergence


a few samples.