Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leek and Bacon Tart Recipe

My guests loved the meal and they've just left so no sign of food poisoning haha. I get so nervous about entertaining but this recipe is so easy and they loved it.

For Helen here it is.

Slice 3 medium potatoes into thick slices and boil until cooked but not mushy. Line a 28 cm tin with potatoes.

Brown 250 g bacon until crispy
Add 1 leek sliced and cook until tender
Layer bacon and leek on top of potatoes.
Beat 5 eggs with 1/2 cup cream and 1 tbs Old English Mustard, salt and pepper and pour over top of leeks and bacon.
Grate 1 cup of tasty cheese and layer on top.
Cook at 180 for 30 minutes.
This would feel 5 or 6 people depending on how many men were eating. I added two estra potatoes, a couple slices extra bacon, and an extra egg and I had enough for 3 of us for dinner, and enough for 3 meals in the freezer. Served it with Salad, pumpkin and kumera roasties and asparagus. Had Peach Crumble for dessert which was realy nice too.
One of the girls from work called in today on her way home from her mum's ... she bought all her mum's old treasures as she's no longer able to sew garments ,,, heaps of cotton reels, a lot of wooden ones which I just love..button beautiful old buttons... an assortment of buckles in all shapes and sizes.
I've decided on my entry for the challenge bag to be finished by end November. I'll give you one clue... It's going to be a Hand bag.
Well off to bed. Work tomorrow. Maybe we'll find out more4 about the restructuring tomorrow. Nighty night everyone.


Chris H said...

That leek and bacon tart sounds lovely... probably enough to feed Stew and Half of Griffin!
Restructuring... that company is screwed! Just how many times can they RESTRUCTURE??????? It's bloody madness.
I hope your job is safe! *BIG SIGH*

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

The recipe sounds delicious and glad that you had a lovely dinner party.
The quilt is looking lovely and I like all the bright colours.

I just read that they are restructuring at your work... just want to wish you best luck with everything.

Have a great week

Helen said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for the recipe. I have printed it out. Guess what we are having for dinner tomorrow night! I wonder what my international homestay students will make of it - all the veges, I mean :-)