Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am so lucky I' had a mammogram

Today I have been standing in freezing cold rain, slipping in deep mud, sitting outside under a tarp (oh and I have to mention porta loos gross) but with a huge smile on my face and oh boy, it's so great to be alive. this was the mud in his first race.

To see my clever grandson Cam 9, racing around a mud track on a 65cc motorx bike (and doing his very best to stay on the bike I might add) has been awesome. The concentration on his face as he passed the kids in front, unable to see much because of the mud on his goggles....

this was his second race.

He did really really well, and came 1st in the support race. He is in the 9 -11 year olds and there were too many kids in his grade today. He didn't qualify for the main race (sigh of relief* 30 kids on the track at the same time in 6" mud did not look safe to me). Cam only had 10 in his race but he was so fast! Wow!
I have just watched a video I made of his third race on my camera and oh dear.. a proud Nannie is a noisy one haha. I get so excited. I am just a big kid. And I do sound like my mother... whoops..

the mud in his fourth race (please note Cam's bike is washed down after every race!!

Just another reason why a mammogram is worth it huh!


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Draffin Bears said...

Oh Karen, that looks like such fun and I am sure your Grandson is happy to have you come along to watch.
Albeit very muddy! that is what Guys like, right.

I hope that it is not too cold down there, it is freezing here and we have got the heater on today.... and it is October.

have a great week