Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Retail Therapy - whoops

But hey they're bargains! I've been trying to find a new handbag with lots of pockets and at Farmers sale last week I finally found it! And a bargain.. $40 down from $135.. well I won't tell anyone else that. It has a pocket for my keys and my bus card, a pocket for my mobile, a pocket for my girls stuff, a pocket for this and a pocket for that.. so I don't have to wade down through the crap to find that one little thing. And today I found a new wallet for a bargain again.. Yeah well it's purple but it was only $15 and the black one was $69!!! Exactly the same... I don't care what colour it is.

I also found these at the hospice shop today HALF PRICE! I'm not sure where to put them but I thought they were very different and heavy... NOt sure what they're made of but for $12 the lot I like them.. that's all that matters.

George's quilt is here. It's been quilted but I'm not sure it's enough .... I'm thinking of putting some words about mountain biking between the lines.. . not that they'll stand out.. just to flatten it down a bit more ... will use a similar colour thread and quilt the lettering in between the lines!
And finally go and have a look at http://twiddletails.blogspot.com/ They are giving away a gorgeous hold-all to one lucky person that leaves a comment. I can just imagine all the treasures I could put in it... I might even have to buy more to fill it up.. God forbid!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I love your new bag and wallet, how neat.
George is a lucky guy, his quilt is amazing.

I finally have a little gift for your house, with the PIF - email me with your new address, will you please.


Chris H said...

Woo hoo to retail thereapy... works for me every time.
Love those 'things' you got at the hospice shop!

Helen said...

A purple wallet is much easier to find than a black one :-)