Sunday, August 30, 2009

When will I ever settle in!

I laid in bed Saturday morning feeling a little sad and sorry for myself I guess but also trying to work out how to make my bedroom look better. So I got up and moved the tv to every corner of the room to see where the best reception was (without the stupid Freeview). Then I moved everything to suit the tv.

Of course when you move one room it feeds out to other rooms so here we are again Sunday night and I've just finished ...... moving the sewing room around yet again. Steph and I are going to sew together on Wednesday nights and a girl from work wants to have a go at patchwork....SOOOOO I decided it needed to be more spacious so two could sew comfortably in there. At last it's sorted. I'm ready to sew! I went to the Warehouse and got a half price rug for the bedroom (I'm thinking I'll pay off a 'nicer' but more expensive carpet square over the summer) and I bought a microwave too! Retail therapy ah!

And I need to finish this UFO . A few months ago at Rose City Quilters we made a challenge to finish a UFO we hadn't touched for 12 months. It had to be finished by September.... hmm as usual it's last minute for me. This was a Mystery Block of the Month on the Internet a few years ago. I'm not sure I like it anymore but once I lay these blocks out properly it may look okay. It is all scraps. I'm thinking I'll also do it row by row Quilt as you go.. so with a little black stripe in between each row ... hmmmm I also found a few other treasures???? 5" blocks from a Jinny Beyer range which were given to me by a friend.
And another quilt I made once. It's supposed to be "under the sea" but I didn't like it so I unpicked the whole thing and this is what remains... there's too many pretty fabrics to throw it out so I'm thinking I'll play with it and make it up again. The funny white cushions behind it are the 'inners' for my couch cushions. Hmmm yes another project to do. I have made progress .. I've moved the fabrics for them out to the lounge to inspire me...

And I found these gorgeous wools that my grandchildren gave me for Christmas. Lots of ideas here.. maybe a scarf or a handbag... I went to the local quilt guild yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've joined and put my name down for a course called "Tumbling Blocks". It's being held on the 1st anniversary of my Dad's death... but since he was always falling over I think it's ironic and he would have a laugh about it. I took my selvege quilt along and got lots of comments. There were some amazing quilts but I've yet to work out how to get my photos off my mobile phone. Technology is the pits .. I am not clever when it comes to files and downloading!!!
Now I'm off to sort out the mountain of photocopied patterns I have accumulated and probably reduce the pile considerably. (By the way the magazines are now on the big bookshelf hidden behind my lounge door which I never close hehe).
Goodnight everyone


Chris H said...

You are so lucky having a whole room for your sewing! I have a corner of the garage... and I'm always banging into things! *sniff* Oh for a big house again.

Erin said...

Your sewing room looks excellent, its always motivating having a freshly sorted room to sew in :)

Helen said...

Every now and then I have a change around, it is the only time I clean my sewing area. I usually end up putting everything back where it was but at least it usually looks tidier by the end of the process.

I like your folding cutting table. It looks like it has a cupboard underneath it. I have a folding cutting table but it only has lege and they are just about broken so it drunkenly tilts everywhere!