Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Boobie

This time two years ago it was the night before my mastectomy and my breast reconstruction. I remember feeling very calm by the time I got to that day because I was going to survive, I was a lucky one but I remember when they came to take me to theatre I started crying at the thought that life was never going to be the same again. I remember my daughter Nette telling me it was going to be okay and god how I loved her for being there for me. But that was two years ago.
It was the easiest part of the last two years.. the breast cancer .... and two mammograms since have been ALL CLEAR!! I AM ALIVE!!
And I am very humble and grateful that woman in New Zealand can have FREE mammograms every two years because if I hadn't had one in 2007 I would not be here today. They got the cancer early, okay I had to lose my boob but I didn't' have to have treatment. And so I was able to have a reconstruction immediately. So Happy Birthday Boobie xox.

If you've never had a mammogram PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about yourself .... and your family. Geez a few seconds discomfort could be the difference between your life or your death, between saying goodbye to your kids and watching your grandchildren grow up.
Between being diagnosed and being rid of cancer within 2 months or finding it too late and suffering through months of chemo. Ring your Breast Screening Clinic on Monday girls..
Chris.. One tit wonder... Hmmm one tit and yeah people do wonder about me sometimes. Haha ... I wuvs you and your soh.


Draffin Bears said...

Yeah for you Karen that you got the check up.
As you say for a small moment of discomfort it is so worth it and vitally important to have them.
We went down to see Dad and Mum yesterday and they were both bright, but it is only a matter of time now for Dad. They were really happy to see us.

I hope that you are having a great weekend


Chris H said...

Sheesh time flies! I can clearly remember you in that hospital after the surgery!
You may be a ONE TIT WONDER... but you are a nice one!
I am waiting for my next doctor sent in the request for one about a month ago.

leona said...

I just stumbled on your blog today from another one, and I read this entry and was inspired by your strength and positive attitude. Here in Canada we also get free mammos and I never fail to have mine done. So far so good! I wish you luck and good health and time to do your art. Your works are beautiful, Congratulations on two years!!

Helen said...

Two years! Yeah, go girl. Put your best (and only) tit forward :-)